Home Loans In One Day: It’s Possible!

Friday, September 07, 2018

Everybody dreams of their own home, I know I do. In the eve of high inflation rates, unavailability of cash, we all wonder how other people do it. Why is it easy for them to have loans from banks and why is it faster for them to actually get one while your bank is still taking months, maybe years to even approve papers. Are you already getting confused? Are you at your wits end? Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s your bank.

Banks these days are so strict, when you’ve got all the requirements and funding to back it up, why all the fuss? why all the delay right? Imagine all the wasted time involved when you only wanted to have your own home. Now don’t you worry, because I heard it’s possible now with one of the country’s best Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank).

You see, PSBank has been in the industry for years and they are the consumer banking arm of the Metrobank Group so that at least assures you of good consumer practices and proper funding. They now have a policy of a 1 day credit decision on home loans if you are purchasing new condominium units or properties from their accredited developers. Now that is just unprecedented in the Philippine banking industry so just imagine how much help that would make for prospective home buyers across the country. PSBank’s SVP for their Marketing Group says “We have streamlined our own internal evaluation processes so our banks could decide on home loans as fast as possible. We want to make it quick and simple for all our customers so if you are planning to get condo units or properties from our accredited developers which includes Federal Land, SM Development, DMCI, Megaworld, Rockwell, Ayala Land Premier, Avida Land, Alveo, Amaia and a lot more (others listed on their website). This is our promise.”

Aside from that, they have perks for those who would want to pay in advanced as they have equivalent rebates for it. They also have very flexible terms so for those who want something easy on the pocket, all you gotta do is ask. You can even do payments online or on mobile, you can also pay through post dated checks, over the counter method or Bancnet capable machines nationwide.

Now don’t fret if the condominium or house unit isn’t on the list because if that’s your case, you’ll be still viable for their standard 5 day process. Approval will be sent via sms and this also applies to new home loans, house and lot, duplex, townhouse, vacant lots or small to medium construction. They have been doing this kind of approval for Auto Loans too and if there’s one thing you should try, give your neighborhood PSBank branch a visit and make your dreams come true!

Give it a try!

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