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Saturday, September 22, 2018

NATURACTOR Make Up and Skin Cosmetics

Hello ladies! This one is for you. 

Went to Have Hotel this morning and got briefed a little about make up products. I personally don't use em but knowing this would be the best if you're a photographer and know when and why you should touch up when in a shoot. (Lusot). Anyway, the primary products they are launching is the Skin Care Cover Face (recommended color 152 for Filipino skin types), they had models who got dolled up using their lotions, skin cover so ladies would have make up that would not be dried up. Their product will make natural oil and water on your face stay longer. They got skin lotion and milk lotion,then let it on the face for 5 minutes before applying foundation. It covered real good.

Androlous Trinidad “Matsui Global Corporation would like to welcome you, our partner Meiko Cosmetics Japan and the makeup artists, bloggers and everyone who is here. We are new in the Philippines but have done this for 3 years and we want high quality products in the Philippine market.

This is a milestone, they are now going launch NATURACTOR, and Meiko Cosmetics Color Collection in the Philippines. They initially started with skin care needs but now has done advanced research and used technology to get their consumers the best ingredients for their products. From Cover Face, Skin Care Collection and other products that they already have, we are winning the cosmetics game.

Hironobu Noguchi the Manager for Matsui Global Inc. went up on stage and told us about the tons of products they have on their line. There will be more soon and with their partnership with Meiko Cosmetics, everything will be possible. Imagine all those Japanese products you love will be here in the country. It's got spf too and anti aging properties so you'll get protected day and night.

Liquid Foundation

Loose Powder for make up prep work

Eye Color Palette if you feel like wearing different eye shadows on different days

BB Creams and Control UV

Lip Gloss and Lip Sticks

Eye Liner / Pencils

Naturactor Foundations

Skin Care Cover Face

Congratulations Matsui Global and Meiko Cosmetics!

These products are now available in SM Store kiosks, their department store and other major department stores in the Philippines.

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