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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It’s 98 days before Christmas and of course Filipinos around the world are thinking of their families in the Philippines. With the way things are, they of course would want you to make this another year to remember and get that festive spirit and dinner taken cared of. I remember the time my Ninang sent me 20 dollars each Christmas and how happy I was to get my toys and stuff, but sometimes it gets stolen in transit for one or more reasons. 

These days we’re more than happy to use remittance services that are affordable, easy to understand and super safe. Honestly there’s no better opportunity to send money home than now where the exchange rate is very high. I’ve met some of the executives of REMITLY (an online money transfer company) as they start partnering with a local tech brand as they expand their services in the country. 

Matt Oppenheimer “I started Remitly to disrupt the 500 Billion remittance industry. With mobile growth we now have something scalable, we believe that we put the customer first to transform hundreds and millions of lives, serve and deliver on their promises. We’re just getting started.

In 2011 they launched in the Philippines with a service US to the Philippines only. They didn’t launch in other countries until they mastered the service. They acquired Talio and got a tracking system in place to send text messages, emails so you know where your money is anytime of the day. They also got scholarship grants for 500 students, got their feedback, improved the system even further. Now they have other 11 European countries, Canada, Australia and even cruise ships. They also donated money for disaster relief and saved 900 Million dollars in transfer fees because it was easier for them to pass on the company earnings to customers easing their ability to send money home. 

They are doing Geographic expansion, Product Expansion, even established a Manila Office with 400 employees (and is still growing). For those who don’t know Kuya Kim Atienza is their endorser, in his words “Being the face of Remitly is like giving back, I am here in the Philippines and spend enough time with my family but tons of Filipinos are abroad working, living alone, it’s not easy. This is how countless Filipinos do it. Initially I didn’t know what it is all about, I realised what good this is doing with Filipinos, thank you Remitly.” He even said the weather during the event! Hahaha!

Transactions according to them is 100% safe and their promise is to get you that money online in 5 seconds or less. They offer a very competitive rate for senders, no add on fees. There are tons of Filipinos around the world and this will be a good venue to send money from abroad. You should give this a try because their first transaction is completely FREE. Would you believe that?

Send money to me too if you’re not busy! LOL

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