Signs You're A Puregold Panalo Shopper

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

There are groceries, supermarkets, and then there's Puregold. There are thousands of people going to Puregold everyday to get the nice deals and low prices of products, but what do you think makes a Puregold Panalo Shopper different from the ordinary consumer? 

Here are tell tale signs that you are one:

Deals and Promos

You already know where to look once that you enter the shop's premises. Once inside, you go directly to the "Promo Board" where everything is summarized and ready for you to take advantage of. Look for pantry supplies, all the essentials and try to buy in bulk.

The Community

You have to be part of their Viber or their Puregold Mobile Community. It's got updates which you'll get real time, so you never miss out on things and have FOMO.

Know the Stocks

Since most of the products here are filled to the brim when doors open, it's a wise move to shop at Puregold when the store opens.

Makes the 1st of the Month a Special Day

This date is important as it marks the time when they play Puregold Hakot Evert 1. Puregold Members from all over converge into the stores to get 10% off their purchases. Aside from that, they know various events and educational ones that would be able to improve their businesses.

Takes Care of the Environment

Plastics have been a huge problem especially for developing countries. When you go to a Puregold store, you also have to carry around your own bag. For #PuregoldWalastikGroceryDay or not, you know how to care for the environment and start to do steps to reduce, re-use and recycle.

This is thier 25th year in the business and a lot of loyal cusomers still go to Puregold branches near them, as it's all worth it. Pretty soon, everybody would be able to roam around the aisle and never treat the Puregold branch be like a maze indoors. It's easy to become one and if you're an Aling Puring member, it'll be easier for you to run a business.

If you've got one or more of these, you're probably a Puregold Panalo Shopper, and that's a good thing!


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