Beautiful Justice with Gabbi Garcia, Bea Binene and Yasmien Kurdi

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

You ain’t see action like these in GMA yet, so it is quite nice to see them do this. As PDEA Agents, they form a band together to finish people behind the deaths of their lovef ones. Bing Loyzaga will be a formidable foe, so will they succeed? Maybe.

Heated encounters, a mole in the agency will prove it very hard to solve cases. This September 9 will be a different evening as they showcase their training, real stuff which they had to undergo before shooting this. Yes, it’s called Beautiful Justice. This stars Gabbi Garcia, Bea Binene and Yasmien Kurdi. Gil Cuerva, Derrick Monasterio, Valeen Montenegro, Victor Neri, Gabby Eigenmann will reprise some of the roles in the first few weeks, what will happen to them? That’s what you’ll see on Monday.

Gabbi and Yasmien weren’t there but Bea says “There are different challenges here, on how you deliver. This is based on suggestions from PDEA agents themselves so while we try and find out or own Beautiful Justice, there will also be a bit of other cases on different days and not just our own case. This is also hard to do because we had to train for a month and continuously remain to do so til now because the project is just bold. We have had training previously but the fight sequences need us to train, all of us that is.” 

The show already started yesterday so if you wanna see more, stay on GMA!


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