Netizens Praise Alden Richards’ The Gift

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Gift: Review from Kumagcow
"If you're really looking forward to one of Alden's shows, this should be on your list." - John Bueno from Kumagcow #TheGiftWorldPremiere
Posted by GMA Drama on Sunday, September 15, 2019

That's what I said a couple nights ago when we got to preview Alden Richards' new project called The Gift. It already had its first week run and netizens couldn't help but praise what they've watched on TV and made really nice remarks on social media.

I felt the same way, connecting with the things that happened with Sep's family. When they were already poor, he got sick, no way to pay the bills, then he needed confinement. When his father lost all hope, he resorts to commiting a crime, he gets shot and dies. After that, Jean Garcia couldn't pay for rent, had to beg to stay in their apartment, eventually become homeless and decided to leave Sep to fend for his own. He must have had a black cat or walked under a ladder, or maybe broken tons of mirrors to become that unfortunate.

This was when Jo Berry saw Alden got shot

This was when Jean Garcia tried to keep TJ Trinidad be faithful after all those unfortunate events

Drone shots in Divisoria, yes they did

Alden trying to make his mom Jo Berry smile to start the day

ehhhh... he got shot! omg!

TJ Trinidad loses hope, decided to be a Bank Robber the next day

I remember Alden saying they had to bond on set, they didn't have time for workshops before the shoot

Jean Garcia tried to call TJ Trinidad outside the bank so he could surrender to authorities, then he got shot later on

The only thing they got positive reinforcement from was from the young Sep.

He got better, but they never got out of the debt, and the miserable things that were about to happen after TJ died.

There is so much more to watch out for in this series. It shows primetime on GMA, make sure you watch the episode today!


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