OPEN with JC Santos and Arci Muñoz

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Spent some hours in ABSCBN to talk to the stars of the film OPEN by Blacksheep and TRex outfits. Good reviews so far, but we had to hear their views about the topic of the movie, it is after all about open relationships. We felt how they got so serious about the journey of the two main characters.

Arci shares “I want to be able to do scenes that would satisfy the director, the artists, it was heavy, even the location was the same. I had to drink so I could vent out cry. We never faked it, I had to drink even before the scene and it was really had. I saw JC’s thing, but funny it wasn’t seen in the camera and we laughed about it. It didn’t make the cut on the heavy scene. I like the light scenes, if there is cake, wine, I love those scenes. I don’t know if there is one, it might spoil the movie. All movies I made, I wasn’t so involved but OPEN had me crying so much in the theater. I couldn’t breathe and had to freshen up before the interviews. It affected me much. If it has been mutually decided, maybe I could think about it. Maybe I’ll try it now since I’m single. It was just the right project for me, maybe in the future I could do it. I didn’t agree on it when I read it, but there’s a lot of types of being open so as long as you have constant and proper communication, and agree on it, maybe, and date people. We didn’t think about how we look, it is the feelings, the emotions, especially the ending because it was heartfelt. And I had to go back a lot of times. I have been cheated by all my exes, all three of them, and since we didn’t have rules or talked about it first, that’s cheating.”

JC says “My favorite scene was when he knelt down, Ethan isn’t like me, I couldn’t believe sometimes how much he’s like that. We are so different. Is it right? Do I receive things correctly!? I didn’t know I was funny, I felt he was wrong a lot of times. But I was with guys in my row of seats in the premiere, and we were laughing about it, it was because we know why.”

Andoy says “I guess that is also my statement, that ending had to be revised 27 times, it depends on the person looking at it on how they want to end. Arci was also sick at that time, I took that inspiration based on the emotions that the artists had that time. My friends were iffy about the topic, they are so sensitive, my artists often had to switch. I have no idea if there are plans on joining other festivals, TREX and Blacksheep will have to decide on that. The original directors cut was 2 hours and 9 minutes, maybe the producers cut would be shorter, but that had the explanation, maybe if Netflix picks it up it will be better. It went to different drafts, but I don’t think you’ll love Ethan after. It discusses a lot of taboo, ironic even the top grosser is about LGBT, there are a lot of things to talk about especially discrimination.”

It’s still showing on theaters, go check out the film OPEN and maybe, just maybe, you’ll change your mind about it like they did.


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