Get Ready for HUEniverse Music Festival

Saturday, September 07, 2019

HUENIVERSE is one of the most awaited Music Festivals in the country and since last year, the industry was abuzz with what could be the biggest party brought to us by Brightbulb Productions, but really, what is about to happen this September?

Artists like Bita and the Bottles, Agsunta, Spongecola, Written By The Stars, Claudia Baretto, around 12 Big names of in OPM music will converge in Filinvest Concert Grounds in Alabang. This is co-presented by SUN Cellular and has several partners. They will also have an international DJ to play music til the wee hours of the morning so you better get ready to party all day!

John Pratts, Camille Pratts, Isabelle Oli, Angelica Panganiban and Sam Milby form Bright Bulb Productions and originally they were just planning for Moira’s concert, then the music video came, then Kyla, then another one for Moira, then a movie but they want to concentrate in HUEniverse first. Their motivation is the artists dream so they start for that. Angelica have attended Coachella and Fuji Rock but in the country they wanted to spread positivity and learn from musicians here. To forget their worries, to get the artist spread their colors, to be positive. This is HUEniverse. It’s going to be fun!

Party starts at 1PM and the lineup will be a huge secret, so people could look forward and get to watch their favorite artists. There will be food stations, VIP section, food trucks, but if you have entered, you can’t go back. You will wear your status, there will be no dead airs (I hope this is true) and will have two band setups so you will enjoy music in the venue  continuously. This is also a product of listening to local artists (as John mentioned), they fell in love with OPM. It is a long term project and they are also planning ahead of what to do next year. Thing is, they are only allowing people 18 and above. They have also complied with security requirements of the city because they want everyone to be safe. They will be very strict. You can enjoy all the instagrammable areas especially the huge rocket which they will be placing in front of the stage. This will be really huge. Proceeds of this will be for the Hueniverse foundation. Details will be at

The ultimate dream is for Pinoys not to actually have to go to other countries because this is the perfect thing to happen in the country. They are hopeful it would encompass ages, people can bring their friends and family, make this a yearly event. They have a secret performer, but it will be divulged on the 14th so watch out for that. They also announced tickets will also be sold at 399 for the Gold Lite Section so everyone has the capacity to go there. They will also have arrangements for security, no things should go beyond 12 inches for bags. The long party will be from 12pm noon til 3am the next day. They will be also encouraging to report those who wouldn’t follow their guidelines, security is tight so don’t even try doing something bad!

Ticket Prices are at Php 2,999 for Platinum, Php 999.00 for Gold and Php 399.00 for Gold Lite. There is a VIP section but of course is offered to a select few.

So for those evil doers, you got no place here. For those who want good vibes, who want to have a good time and forget about your problems for a few hours, come and get entertainment at the HUEniverse Music Festival. This will be at the Filinvest City Events Grounds. 

You shouldn’t miss this!


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