Unboxing the JOYROOM JR T04S Wireless Earbuds

Monday, September 16, 2019

This literally came at the right place, at the right time. 

For those who know how I work, I need about two powerbanks, two phones, my earphones and editing software so I could upload videos on YouTube. I also need this for listening to audio interviews so I could encode it as statements in my blog. Aside from that, I need ear phones to also use for listening music so I continue to get inspired to write. I also need it for gaming because we all know how important it is to hear footsteps in PubG, also the warnings on Mobile Legends. I have been using the wired earplug type for approximately two weeks when the unimaginable happened, the cord just went ballistic on me and suddenly looked like trash after being folded a couple of times in my bag. The wired earphones was expensive, but it didn't quite last long, I felt sad about it.

My option was to get the Apple Airpods, but when we talk about budget constraints, it just throws it out of the options. It costs an arm, and a leg, and the whole head. It was obvious,  I needed wireless earbuds, and I needed one fast. Dropped by the Digital Walker Store and found these JOYROOM JRT04S Wireless Earbuds for less the price. Heck, you could literally but several of these for one of the Airpods, so this for me was the more viable option. I wanted to be practical, but I was so surprised that with this, I didn't feel I was shortchanged.

The box contains the unit, the earphone charger and USB micro cable.

The actual earphones sits snug on the dock. It lights up when charging in and out of the container. I used it for several hours and lasted me the day after, before I had to charge it again. You'll hear a constant beeping sound in ear when it's about to run out of juice. Easy to know when to do it.

The earphone itself has a clicker on the side which functions like a home or play button. It can pause or play your track or video on YouTube, no need to do it on the phone at all. I loved that part so much I used it to play mobile games too!

The Selfie Lord had to do it LOL... it's very minimalist, light to carry around in your pants or even your bag.

It fits snugly on my ear, I have a huge one and it felt just right for me. I looked happy just abusing it with music all day!

I even ran around the house, cooked while it was attached, it didn't drop or stop connection even if I was a bit far from my phone. It uses Bluetooth connection so you can know how far it goes.

The audio from this one is not much concentrated on BASS, it had the type with real sound. I had it on full volume and I didn't get annoyed with the things I heard from it, this might be the coolest gadget I have to date. I should have bought one ages ago! I mean, why didn't I think of that right?

When you double click it, you can use it for SIRI functions. If you press it longer, it goes to the previous track on the left, the next one on the right. Like a kid in a candy shop I was already thinking about who to give this to during Christmas, I have tons of techie friends who would appreciate it. It also works on my other phone which runs on Android so it isn't just limited to my iPhone. I really love it, especially that it only costs Php 1,390. Digital Walker might run out of this thing in the next coming months, so if you're in the area, might as well get one fast! It is also available at OMG Feel Good Gadgets Store.

I'm enjoying it so much I have it with me all the time! So for my friends, you can ask me and if you're good, I'll let you try it. For everyone else,go get it in Digital Walker Stores nationwide!


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