Angel Guardian outs DIKO Single Under GMA Records

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mesmerized by her voice, this gorgeous lady named Angel Guardian gave us her brand of music. Honestly, I find it so good as a soundtrack for a youth oriented show. Although it talks of love and relationships, it could pass for other things aside from that, a song of love and hope. She is very talented, appearing in several commercials (including an ice cream brand still airing now), she’s also doing several shows, TV guestings and now a single out from GMA Records.

Angel Guardian sang "Diko" and she shares “I was pressured to make this but when I did it was a chance to be in the music industry and people said it was nice, I became more confident when it was getting attention. I haven’t had voice lessons, I didn’t know a specific style but I just sing when I can. I am planning to improve on it because it is one of my passions. It gives me a different feeling, I also am trying to write new ones and I am getting into the groove. I like Julie Anne, if ever I had the chance I’d love to work with her. I don’t know about Diko that much but I just related it to a situation that I could connect with. It’s about a girl trying to fall inlove with a guy, but it ended up that he told her about another girl he’s falling in love with, it’s a bit hurtful. It was a composed song in the banks of GMA and among the five, I chose two that I felt was in tune with who I am now, to be in the moment. I have already recorded the second single and I am excited about that too, but for the meantime, I hope people would enjoy this. Also, I sing a lot of genres and I can’t pinpoint a particular one which I could only sing. This one is very youthful, very up to date, I love how it sounded so we are releasing this today. For the music video, we will be making one soon. I hope people get to appreciate the song on streaming platforms and also the one we are making soon!”

It was her birthday too!

Make sure you search, stream and download it off digital stores because she deserves this break, she’s very good actually. This is again under GMA Records.


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