Cuddle Weather Premiere + Red Carpet Shots

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 13 as part of Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino (a Filipino Film Festival) will be fun as there will be a ton of whimsical entries, one of which is Cuddle Weather. It starts Sue Ramirez and Raymond Bagatsing, bringing to life the story of Adela Johnson and Ram, two adult workers whose life intertwine. Their celebrity friends came in throngs to support the film and they didn't disappoint as we all enjoyed this R-13 flick.

Cristine Reyes

The Director of the film

Niño Mulach

K-Vlogger Krystel Fulgar

Kimpee De Leon and Moy Bien

Javi Benitez of Kid Alpha One

Jane Oineza who will be in another film soon

Kelvin Miranda and Angel Guardian

Direk Antonette Jadaone

Ria Atayde
Enzo Pineda and Michelle Vito

The film was funny, but concentrated on the realities of a worker involved in this industry. Their humor, is current and relatable. Ram (RK) is a sweetheart, as innately innocent he may be, he's got his own knack in caring for Adela Johnson. There's also that part where he cares for his family, sans this being a forsaken kind of work, it is lucrative and may add to their goals. There is also some parts of the film discussing the relationships and dynamics of a broken family. The film also involves a lot of learnings about the birds and the bees, how to safely do it and how to be responsible of yourselves. 

This may be an entry to the PPP but it's more of a romcom, in a different situation, in a different way of telling it. This isn't a drama piece, nor is it award piece, but given its merits, people could learn a lot, feel a bit of kilig, none of those adult innuendos either. You'll see some of that but it's not the whole story. 

It just feels good to watch. Make sure you do when it shows in 160 theaters nationwide!

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