Topps Sarap Toppstar Kids Season 2

Friday, September 27, 2019

Kids will be kids, but they can be better.

Showing their talent and knack for dance, singing and acting since the first season are these cute kids who’s now gonna be on their second one for TOPPS sarap! Toppstar TV Season 2.

It’s commercial success is not to be taken lightly as they all have individual careers, get to be on the show and become the shining stars they wanted to be. A lot of artists start their careers as kid stars and on set, they have always regarded it as a SUPER FUN experience working with the people behind the camera and their co-stars on the show. They have been able to discover more from the ground show they held last year and this year, the plan is to have 11 more today. It may be a challenge to do that but it is something they welcome as they want to discover more talented kids as future kapuso stars.

Cast includes Roshan, Sofia, Ken, Lexter, Chichi, Khail, Elaine, Lovely, Carren, Xylia, Patrick, Porscha, Shane, Jazmine, Viana, Stanley, Jazmine, Alliah, Angelo, Ghelo, Suejin and Saijin, and a whole lot more! Get to know them as they make your mornings a little fun than usual every 9:15am every Saturday. They will be playing games, interacting with other kids and perform for you. What’s not to like?!

And of course, get some snacks for the kids and yourself. Topps Sarap is actually good stuff.

Ms Lulu of Toppstar “Education is the key to your future and I hope you don’t forget that it is important. Make sure kids that you also make them a part of your Saturday mornings in Toppstar TV Season 2!”

I am sure the parents of these kids are super proud of them and perhaps, the new batch will add flavor, more fun to the show because just like in parties, the more people there are, the merrier! Make sure you watch the show every weekend (Saturdays) especially the kids so they too can be inspired with these talented kids who are all triple threats, ready for awesome and playful fun every week!


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