Bayani Agbayani Endorses HOME SUITE

Monday, September 02, 2019

Got to visit the warehouse of Home Suite, a brand under CLC Marketing Ventures. Their showroom suddenly felt like an invitation to their home as we legitimately sat in their tables, chairs, even couches that have bluetooth speakers on them.

Charles Lester Ching the COO of Home Suite says “For the first time this year we invited you here at CLC Manufacturing Ventures, we have five brands under our corporation. We are excited to introduce Mr. Bayani Agbayani as the endorser of our brand. His good looks, humor, we will show you in the next few months our products, to hopefully be in the homes of more Filipinos. Thank you for being here in Home Suite.”

Bayani just like the corporation has worked hard over the years, and as they plan to launch their operations internationally, they are proud to say they have the heart to achieve it. If you think you’ve seen these pieces before, it might be because they have it in the set of Pinoy Big Brother, Rated K (remember that episode of the woman who had many kids?), Wish Ko Lang and various charitable institutions and programs.

Lyn Fong their Marketing Head says “As you have seen, CLC has been in the country for 37 years. We have been very conservative but we know we have to embrace what you can do. We have also launched a program for bedroom and room makeovers where we picked 3 winners and also the VisMin Raffle Promo. We have done these in celebration of our milestones, and a way to thank our loyal customers. We also have our digital short films called YANWICK which will be released in our social media assets. We hope you watch out for that. We will have a Bayanihan campaign in all our participating branches, he will have posters, a billboard, delivery trucks. He will be everywhere!”

CEO Charlie Ching says “Thank you to everyone for coming here, thanks to our superstar, actor Bayani Agbayani, and our marketing team for making this all possible.”

Bayani was so thankful saying “Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. Thank you Mr Ching. There have been a lot of communities that Home Suite has helped over the years and they have done this for a lot of Filipinos. When I asked them why me, they said no choice (he kids). They want people to know that these are Philippine made products that can stand out in the international market. They have done a lot, even some last a lifetime, even if you are not here the furnitures will still be there. Thank the lord, this has been given to me by Jesus. I met him in the gym, not knowing he wanted me to endorse his products, I am sincerely blessed and thankful. I thought they didn’t need me because they have been here for 37 years, now hopefully I would be able to do a lot of their advocacies. They want to do more of that in the coming years. In the past I have been helping a lot of patients who have cancer. I wish to help them further. I only wished for them to pray for me, and my family’s health. The concept of Yanwick came from them, I didn’t know who he was but they asked me to read about it. I hope you could see it on Facebook.”

Now that you’ve seen the manufacturer of these pieces, isn’t it about time you check out more Home Suite furnitures and how they have been able to satisfy customers here and around the globe? Might as well check Bayani Agbayani’s YanWick videos too while you’re at it. I think I’m buying those shelves I’ve been eyeing in the popular department store. You should get some too!


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