Xian Lim and Louise Delos Reyes for HANGGANG KAILAN

Thursday, January 17, 2019

I am a KimXi fan but I’m glad both Xian Lim and Kim Chiu are doing projects separately; and being good at it. Viva Films, Saga Prefecture Film Commission, BLUART Productions and XL8 are cooperating and releasing this new film called HANGGANG KAILAN? (Until When?) directed by Bona Fajardo. The premise is, how two people would say goodbye before they call it quits in their relationship? (In one last trip) How does one really say goodbye? Interesting? I bet.

This is the story of Donnie and Kath played by Xian Lim and Louise Delos Reyes, two people who have been together for two years, but agreed to spend their last days as a couple. For 4 days and 3 nights, they are forced to stay in Saga, Japan. With picturesque landscapes and interesting cultures, they happen to know they need to be apart after the trip. If it will it happen or not, that is what you’ll see in this movie.

Bona Fajardo says “We call this as is because of the situation of the relationship. It wasn’t an accident, but they were just caught in a different place when they decided. It wasn’t planned at all. Most of the talk is made by them to explain the scene, this film had to make them do next level things.”

Xian says “We will tackle questions to ourselves, to ask if we are doing a good thing. Louise didn’t talk much, she’s very reserved at first but very game later on. Making this film wasn’t instructional, we had free hand most of the time. I did produce this as well and I have wished to do this for a long time. When I did production in the past, it wasn’t like this. I loved the story so I explored and became part of the process. It is so good to spend time in Viva and Blueart. The scenes were planned ahead, we talked for hours about it. We felt comfortable, it was collaborative when we had to do that matured scene. I hope people don’t concentrate on that though because it is just one of the needed things. You ask yourself if what you are doing is right, until when will you do it. My character stands on what could be 4 last days of our relationship. He got caught, Donny had choices. Expect very heavy dialogue heavy scenes. This is more of a drama.”

Louise adds “Xian is refreshing to work with, it was suddenly offered to me so we didn’t have time to get along or know each other. He is much of a gentleman, an artist, he also has inputs in this film. We only had a week because of the event we need to do in the movie. We had to do love scenes, it was my first time there and I had realizations when I was working with them. I hope you get to see all the scenes we did there. We shot in Saga Japan and had to see the Balloon Festival. Kath is a free spirited person, I admire her struggles and how she wanted to give up even if he loves the person so much. We both have conflicts, it’s not about the feelings alone, it’s the journey.”

Hanggang Kailan will show on theaters nationwide starting February 6. The two sends their wishes for you to watch their film, now will you?


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