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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Honestly, I feel iffy when talking about politicians, I kinda do shy away from that topic because it is severely polarized, people get in trouble just by mentioning names and stuff, no joke. You’ll be called terms you wouldn’t like hearing, but this particular article isn’t placed here to convince you, merely tell you why I’m voting for her in the next elections. I am saying that with a straight face.

In the past few years, I have been hooked in current events, debate shows and programs where the youth ought to be represented. I used to see her laden with the hijab on her head, confidently speaking on political and social issues, using her voice for the greater good. I was surprised to see a glimpse of her in the restaurant where we had lunch, apparently she’s running for a senate seat in the upcoming elections. Yes, she’s running under the opposition slate even if she’s served a couple of years under this regime. Here’s part of our interview with her on video:

To put it simply, she’s a Mom, a fighter, a volunteer and a legislator from one of the most marginalized sectors in the country. She has witnessed how it is first hand to beholden to crisis and felt how it is on ground to help not just her people in Marawi but the different regions in Mindanao. She has a stellar educational background, best of all, she wants to help. I have also seen people in her staff who has gone above and beyond their regular corporate positions and threw it all away because they believe in her, maybe that accounts for something so we could give not just Mindanao but mothers, people like her to start formulating laws that would directly affect them in a national level.

Maybe it’s time you take a look at Samira Gutoc, I know I will.

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