Yellow Cab Says... So Worth It!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Finally got out of the cave even if I’m not totally okay yet, but I felt I just had to try. I might need physical therapy because of it but I’m trying to live as normal as I can. Now since this event is open to the public, I wondered how this will happen because the promise is.... FREE PIZZA, FREE BEER and FREE CONCERT! When the crowd heard about it, they went to Eastwood in a jiffy because, who doesn’t love FREE stuff right?

Yellow Cab has always been a staple at parties, special occasions and even regular office meetings. I couldn’t even tell you how much New York’s Finest or Dear Darla slices I’ve had for years, or even how many kilograms of Charlie Chan pasta we’ve had because it has remained our favorite from this brand.

During the event, they got us to sign a paper. People drew stuff, I got to put words on mine and said my piece on how to make our moment there worth it. People had the concensus of making PIZZA part of it. They started the party with DJ’s on stage who pretty much played everything on my personal Spotify playlist lol. It was good to see people lining up because I knew they were excited for the hot fresh pizza from Yellow Cab that evening.

This was the booth we all lined up at, the beer was also Heineken, pretty cool. I took time to hear indie performers, then Ben and Ben towards the end of the show. Although I’m not a fan, they did pretty good music!

All the pizzas were hot because they had this huge SO WORTH IT truck beside the venue. I guess they do know how to do pizza. Anyway, I’d like to thank Yellow Cab and hope this would be a yearly thing. More bands next year yeah?

Me recovering, happy with the crowd I was with and this party. Priceless!

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