Derek, Piolo and Dingdong for Dunkin Donuts Delicious DD Bar

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Two muscled hunks, all dressed up, laying you down in bed, approaching you with a tray full of your favorite sweet treats they call Delicious DD Bars from Dunkin Donuts. Ease in as they pick it up, touch your lips as you take it in these  lovely soft bars in flavors of Eclair, Tiramisu, Lady Finger, Matcha and Split Royale. 

Enough of that, because as hot as that sounds, it’s just Derek Ramsay and Piolo Pascual giving you the 5 newest flavors which Dunkin Donuts presented in an intimate dinner this evening at the posh Fairmont Hotel in Makati. They surprised us with a new commercial, and a new endorser. Yes they added Dingdong Dantes in the mix!

Dingdong Dantes says “I have always wanted to work with these guys, now that I’m here, thank you! When I went home and gave my daughter products from the shoot, they loved it. My favorite is the eclair, dark chocolate and bavarian. I seriously went on diet because I am going to be with these two! They welcomed me to their fold like family, they are like family and I felt that. I can’t wait to know them more.”

Piolo says “Off and on cam we just talked all day. We shared all our stories and we almost caused delay. My favorite is Tiramisu, but everything is good. If it’s about memorable commercials, it’s the new one where I was dancing with a coffee cup in my hand.”

Derek adds “I am biased with Boston Kreme and I think I can have 5 in one sitting. I have it almost everyday, I have it delivered on set but maintain an active lifestyle. They ask me personally how I am, it’s not just business, they are concerned with my well being and they build relationships with their ambassadors. It has always been like that, and I’ve been with them for 7 years.”

These awesome bars are also available in combos. You can get them for Php 299 in combinations of 5 DD Bars with 6 Classic Donuts, or 3 DD Bars, 2 Premium Donuts and 6 Classic Donuts. Maybe you should pay them a visit today! Maybe you’ll see the three of them and faint too!

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