BORN BEAUTIFUL: Martin Del Rosario on His Kissing Scenes

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Good looks and puppy dog eyes won’t get you roles if you don’t really have the talent. This has been proven by Kapuso star Martin Del Rosario as he reprises the role of Barbs in the sequel Born Beautiful. 

Martin says “I really felt pressured but very honored to have been chosen by Direk Perci Intalan and Direk Jun Lana. Of course people are expecting a lot with the success of Die Beautiful, add to that I had to become the new Barbs in the film. I believe we have done our best to make this as good as the previous one. I had to trim down a lot and diet because I had to fit in female clothes. I also avoided working so I would look more feminine without the muscles. I also had to groom myself and undergo waxing, to get into character because Barbs is complicated so I had to study how she moves.”

He adds “I watched the first Die Beautiful movie and I was glad to accept the sequel, it is a challenge but I have worked with them in other projects before so I knew this was going to be good. Die Beautiful was simple, but this one is more matured in understanding Trans people, finding happiness, having an identity crisis after Trishia died. I will met Trishia’s ex, my ex and go on a journey finding that happiness I am looking for. It was offered to me after they had complexities with Barbs, but definitely I will have a different take on her. I don’t really get affected about what they say online, I read it but I don’t reply. Paulo gave me beauty tips, fixing nails, stuff, he was there in the first day and he made me comfortable. It won’t be so far if you compare the cut and uncut versions, just a few bleeps and scenes shortened but you will still understand the story. The uncut scenes will be on the Friday when you come and watch it on our premiere. My discoveries? It’s difficult to be trans, the physical and mental changes, the acceptance, the love, it’s different but at the end of the day we all have the capacity to love and be loved. Aki was more nervous than me, I already had a scene with Kiko before hand but Aki had to be the one to approach me since I have to be more feminine, Kiko was wild and had s3xual tension. For me, kissing guys and girls are the same. Maybe it just depends on how the kiss is executed.”

“I only had problems on the first day, I was perspiring, on the chair for two hours and was clean shaven everywhere. It did also hurt, I only got used to it on the few days after. When I got to be trans, I was surprised because I looked beautiful. I felt in character and do female things, but the reality of being taped and wax was a sacrifice. This has more drama elements I think, it’s a more matured way of telling a trans story. Christian and I haven’t met each other but we did talk on Twitter about it. More than the ones you see on trailer, you’ll see even more on Cignal.”

Born Beautiful will be premiering on January 23 in Cinemas nationwide! 

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