The Skin Bureau Celebrates Their 1st Year

Saturday, January 26, 2019

This was a good day for skin. It’s the first year anniversary The Skin Bureau and what better way to celebrate things but by holding a grand showcase of their ambassadors, together with their celebrity guests, and the men and women of The Skin Bureau. 


To start off, they did a mini fashion show their skin ambassadors. I must say, most of them are flawless, young and all, check these shots! 

The Skin Bureau produces soaps, mists, serums, and more formulated for Filipino skin. They also have food grade supplements, glutathione, day and night cream, toners, lotions with spf, and a line of products designed to take care of your skin. They also plan to make a skin care line for men, some pomades soon too.

Owner Jeffrey Geronimo says “I conceptualized this with tepa sponge baths in mind but we released a whole line instead. This brand caters to Filipino skin care needs, male, female, lgbt, that need not be imported and all home grown. I want to thank God, my sister, my family, my grand parents, TSB staff, I want you all to stay humble and make this brand successful in the next few years. We are based in Pampanga and I really appreciate you (resellers) for coming here. Thank you also to our guests, you made the brand what it is today!“ 

Celebrities Marikko Tataki, Martin Del Rosario, Chanel Morales, Carl Guevarra, Thea Tolentino, Ashley Ortega, Shaira Mae Diaz and other celebrities were in attendance. 

Soon they will also launch Lip Scrubs in a Lipstick, Mists and Hair Gels. Stay tuned for that. This is just the beginning for The Skin Bureau. 


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