Her Time to Shine: GELA ATAYDE

Sunday, August 20, 2023

It is her time to shine!

Gela Atayde just got back from battling at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships together with their crew "Legit Status" for the MegaCrew division. They emerged CHAMPIONS and represented the country well in the US (Phoenix, Arizona) versus 54 other groups in the prestigious tilt.

Talking to her, I felt how Gela knows herself. She isn't pressured about her status in show business being part of the Atayde family. Her Mom Ms. Sylvia Sanchez was always someone who pushed her to go after her passions, and not be persuaded to prove herself. Seeing her brother Congressman Arjo and sister Ria to have to do that during their start was a learning experience, that she didn't have to do that and just do things at her own pace. When she saw her Mom giving a message about her recent achievements, she immediately looked at her back, and we saw her cry. She was just reminded on how much her Mom and Dad supported her all these years. Her Mom never forced her into show business, but always was there to encourage her in any thing she wants to do with the words "Kaya Mo Yan Nak!".  She also said how even if her Dad wasn't much of a talker, he was on camera this time and really said things that moved her. Her new Sister in Law Maine Mendoza was also so happy about her recent achievements, and felt the love when they were featured in a video prepared for her during the press conference.

Here's a few scenes from the presser a few days ago:

She was actually okay if fitted with a title especially if it's about dance because she wants this particular art form to be something that Filipinos would love. As for love teams, she's okay to be paired up for a show but rather not a permanent one. She can do it much like what Congressman Arjo and Ria did, and if the time comes to have a very serious relationship, we got the gist that she prefers to do it in proper time... and with someone non-showbiz. 

Gela is also part of the cast of the new ABSCBN youth oriented show Senior High which stars Andrea Brillantes (doing a dual role). The show will premiere on August 28th, so make sure you check out what Gela has up her sleeves in this new series. Together with them are former child stars Zaijian Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, Gameboy's Elijah Canlas, Gold Squad's Kyle Echarri, singer-rocker Juan Karlos, Daniela Stranner, and her mom Ms. Sylvia Sanchez. 

This is Gela's time to shine, make sure you watch her shows because she's just starting! Congratulations Gela and the whole Legit Status crew for being hailed champs!


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