Globe's Irresistable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Offers

Monday, August 14, 2023

Good deals are coming for those looking for their first Samsung device, or for those contemplating on switching to Android because the best deals on postpaid devices are now with Globe.

I distinctly remember have a really fun time carrying around a flip phone in the 90's and it was not just praised for it's design, but the ability of it to fold up and be handy anytime of the day was it's primary reason to be both useful and trendy. The new Galaxy Z Fold is this generation's most advanced Flip and Fold device that can even work hard like an actual PC. These days, we all need something that can do multi-tasking to not just provide entertainment, but also do work, be productive while being handy.

Globe is offering the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in a 1TB storage option, no more thinking if you need to delete that first photo you've been contemplating on. It's slim design and simple twist (to take selfies) make you a whole lot less cluttered as it fits on your pocket, your small pouch or bags. Aside from that, they also have the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus! If you prefer a wider screen, lots of places to work on and use an S-Pen, then get the tablet instead. With the Globe Postpaid plan, you can get these multi function tablet that works like a phone and PC all in one. If you're an accessory freak, fret not because there's also the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 640mm LTE. It's sleek, very fashionable and is available in different colors. The face is also customizable, so you can put in your personal touch. It's quite useful to show your fitness measurements, guide you with different workouts whether you run, bike, sleep, it gets you useful data especially if you're very involved in monitoring your health. Globe gives you these with an ecosystem that is easy to go from one device to the other without the need of transferring data because it's all seamless and integrated.

Globe also is offering these in flexible plans like the 512GB Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 for Php 3,395 a month (for 2 years) at the GPlan Php 1799 + Php 1596 device cash out. You can opt for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 on the 512GB version at Php 5,082 a month for 2 years via the GPlan Php 2,499 + Php 2,583 a month. There are tons of perks that also are part of the other plans like unlimited 5G connection for 6 months, a year of Disney subscription or Prime Video, mobile accessories, Globe Reward points, and a lot of other plan inclusions if you get it from Globe postpaid. There's also a 0% installment promo from 24/36 months, really no excuse no?

Well that's not all, there's a Globe Double the Storage offer if you order til August 17. There's also Samsung Care on these devices, discounts and trade in offers too. If you're an existing Samsung owner, the trade in option certainly looks a better option since you can get up to Php 10,000 off on the new device (depends on trade-in value assessed by their people).

Time to get this Samsung plans from Globe no?


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