A Few Reasons To Watch GARY VALENCIANO's "Gary V Back at the Museum"

Monday, August 07, 2023

Had a really fun time at the Music Museum attending the concert of Gary Valenciano called "Gary V: Back at the Museum". It was officially his 93rd time to perform there and the show was pretty much a huge time travel, of things he's done at the Music Museum and even have video synced in almost every number he did at that venue.

It was fun to see how several big stars of today were in the audience, and much of his fans in those years still attend the show. As Mr. Gary Valenciano puts it, he says "Music Museum is the most intimate venue, and this is why it's important for me because much of my songs and it's messages are meant to be done that way."

Sure enough, we got that treat. Music Museum has the audience placed very close to the stage and Gary could actually see much of our face unlike other venues which is why he prefers it. It's like he could talk to people, sing his songs while you are actually there. It felt very personal, but he's not even shortchanging anything even the dance moves.

Gary V performed with Kianna Vee for a little Father Daughter number

Mind you, the Manouvers that are dancing with him are actually 4th generation (Manouvers Ignite). They all retired (I think) and he's still dancing? What?!

These are just a few of the reasons why you should watch the show. Gary Valenciano is also helping a few charities that cater to kids, those affected by health conditions (those with diabetes) and the poor. Even though I barely did catch what they did in the 80's and early 90's, his music transcends all these and have really good lyrics. It's like poems come alive, and I couldn't keep up with the crowd that evening even if I was extra energetic. If you're a Tita/Tito, Mom/Dad, Lola/Lolo, millennials or Gen XYZ, you'll enjoy his music and the memories that come with it. There are still a few dates left this August 12, 19 and 26, so get them tickets at ticketworld.com.ph and celebrate his birthday too!

Btw, make sure to watch out for the "request" part of the show and get heard by Mr. Pure Energy himself and sing your favorite Gary V song. (It was my favorite part of the show!)

Congratulations Sir Gary!


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