MIKOY MORALES Lands 2 Movies in Cinemalaya

Thursday, August 03, 2023

It's been a while since we've had the chance to talk to Mikoy Morales. The accomplished actor, singer and comedian has gone leaps and bounds since he started his career in Protege. There has been a huge change in his persona, as he admits it has kept him a bit angry over the years. Now he's initiated to take a look at things with a perspective, to rather take a pause when talking, think over what he should say instead of the usual defensive reply and even gaslighting. He admits to being conscious about it, and the changes he's done made this year a fruitful one. In Cinemalaya alone, he's got 2 movie entries namely "Tether" and "Rookie". 

"Rookie" is about women's sports. Mikoy joins actors Pat Tingjuy, Aya Fernandez and Ms. Agot Isidro in this Volleyball-GL (Girl's Love Story) film. "Tether" on the other hand is a lot troubling, a sci-fi film where love, relationships and pain take wild turns, all with them in it. It's a bit of a stretch compared to his previous work that they had to undergo sensuality workshops to accomplish several scenes in the movie. Aside from that, Mikoy has been doing several shows on GMA including a new series (to be announced soon). His music career also has been good, as he's making scores, tracks and music for several films (some to be sent abroad for film festivals). He also has a few singles coming out soon so stay tuned for that as well.

Here's the mediacon for Mikoy yesterday, please watch and listen in about his new films!

Here's a few more about his relationships, and his realizations too.


Mikoy thanks his friends, family, his girlfriend about the blessings he's receiving these past few months. He attributes the nice things he has accomplished because of their trust in him. He also thanks his directors, which he feels was much serendipitous, being at the right place and right time, that in this world of second options, they chose him for the specific roles he's doing in the two projects. His artistry has no more angst and bitterness, no more they/them in the industry, and has proved effective in making him that viable actor he deserves to be. He now knows his priorities, setting it straight, and I hope more people love him for his craft. 

He's a good chap, so cheers to that!


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