Shakey's Releases New Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers

Thursday, August 03, 2023


For fuzzy eaters who want to enjoy fried chicken, this is the day you've been waiting for! Your favorite pizza place Shakey's just released the new Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers which we enjoyed a couple days ago! It's lean chicken tenderloin that's well seasoned, fried to that golden brown perfection so you get a soft meaty interior with a crunchy outer coating. For those looking for a protein source, this would be something I'd like to have without rice, but since we're Filipinos, I'm sure you'll order one right?

Aside from the usual chicken pieces, you get to dip it in a vegan Barbecue dipping sauce that also comes with it. It only costs Php 249 for the solo size, whilst for those who prefer more, get the Php 399 Basket instead. This is available now on all Shakey's pizza stores nationwide wether take out, delivery or in store. You can also order via the Shakey's app or delivery apps where available. Follow Shakey's social channels to know more about it!


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