Drag Race Philippines (Season 2) Promises More LOOKS, LAUGHS and DRAMA

Wednesday, August 09, 2023



I waited for the moment when all the queens of Rupaul's Drag Race Philippines Season 2 were able to come out and do their entrance on the show (which was today). I think they got the hint from other franchises that people tend to have a hard time connecting with queens when they put them all out in one go. This was certainly a bit overwhelming for a viewer, but super exciting to see if drag queens from the Philippines would do well, but without question, since they already got their second season right?



 I had my favorites like veterans Captivating Kat Kat, Bernie and DeeDee Marie Holiday. I also enjoyed the gorgeous Miss Jade So who actually knows what she's doing, all the terms and outfits are just fit to a T.  The comedy of Arizona Brandy who went in with a bottle of brandy hooked to her was just bonkers. I also love the weird good aesthetics of OV Cxnt (those horns really remind me of my website kumagcow LOL). I have yet to see what Hana Beshie, Matilduh, Tiny Deluxe, Veruschka Levels actually have up their sleeve. Sad to see Astrid Mercury and Nicole Pardaux had to exit the show early since they got booted out in the first and second episodes.

We also got to cover the first 6 as they did their runway walk, they did bring their crazy outfits and certainly got us excited to see the first episode. Check out our video coverage of the event here!

Adding to the lovely evening, the appearance of the Season 1 Queens, plus first ever RPDR Philippines Queen of Queens, Precious Paula Nicole who also gave a speech to encourage the second season queens to give their best on the show. Host Mama Pao aka Paolo Ballesteros also asked the contestants to start their engines, everyone was giving that night!

Aside from Paolo, judges KaladKaren, Jiggly Caliente, Rajo Laurel, Photographer BJ Pascual, Jon Santos and a couple more celebrities will be there to decide who gets to pack up and leave, then choose the ultimate drag queen this season. There's still a lot of things happening in the show, so after the episode, stay tuned for the drama since RPDRPH Season 2 will also have their own Untucked! all shown on HBO GO and WOW PRESENTS PLUS (internationally)! Make sure you subscribe and watch the episodes every Wednesday, it'll be fun, fierce, and yes to more DRAMA!

Here's some more photos from HBO GO, all photo credits go to them for these! Click to load the photos!


Start your engines and may the best drag queen WIN!

Now we can't spoil things for you, you need to watch the show on HBO GO or WOW PRESENTS PLUS (internationally), make sure you're subscribed!  Thanks to TikTok Philippines for inviting us! (check my TikTok account for more of the event!).



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