TIKTALKS On Bigger, Bolder Second Season!

Friday, August 11, 2023

Looks like the guns are out and they're not going to be beating around the bush as TIKTALKS start their 2nd Season! Hosts Ms. Korina Sanchez Roxas, Alex Calleja, Ms. Pat-P Daza, G3 San Diego, Kakai Bautista promises an even more feisty discussion especially with those questions that everyone has on their mind - but didn't dare ask it.

They are after all from different walks of life, different backgrounds, a veteran broadcaster, a comedian, a radio personality, someone from production and writing, plus a spirited singer and comedienne, it's already a ruckus of a conversation just by knowing that.

Here's what happened during the media conference

This show is produced by Ms. Korina Sanchez-Roxas and her friend Jojie Dingcong of Media Kweens, Inc. Yes, in some way or form, this is like The View in the US, but very different because of it's Filipino flair. They're not even afraid to talk about things that may taboo in the Philippine context, they even opened up the possibilities of defending the not so popular of opinions, and it's totally okay. Previews of upcoming shows include their experiences with body odor and halitosis, so imagine the fun revelations of them talking about their friends and strangers they had to do white lies for.

This show allows you to learn more about what you could never talk about on a normal day. They make sure you'll have less inhibitions, have fun of situations, and perhaps learn something in the process. It's going to be light, none of those serious reportage you're used to see on television. It's something you can watch, be amused, have something to sit back and relax to after a long stressful day. Just to give you an idea, the press conference was very spontaneous that while we were being given answers, several conversations on the sidelines were also happening, and they say, that's exactly is what's happening while they are doing the show. They also promise a lot of interesting topics in the next few episodes, and a few select guests that would be interesting to also talk to. It's a surprise, so head on to TikTalks on TV5, on their subsidiary channel One PH, Radyo 5 on 92.3 News FM and their other partner channels (starts 9:30PM Sundays). This is exciting news, especially since Ms. Korina Sanchez Roxas recently signed a co production with ABSCBN for her hit show Rated Korina.


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