SKYGARDEN Set To Release First Single Under GMA's altG Records

Thursday, August 31, 2023

If you haven't caught their videos yet, you must go and check SKYGARDEN on YouTube to see how these 3 Japanese guys (Ryo, Iwa and Hiro) ended up in the Philippines. Today, they announced signing with GMA's altG Records (an arm of GMA Music) and will be releasing their first single called KOKOA in digital platforms this coming September 1st. They've been doing a lot of covers on YouTube, Facebook and social channels . They have been also gaining attention in recent months because of their hit long form videos about pranks, their efforts in doing Fiilipino things, and also pretending to be BTS in some of their videos which has gained millions of views.

SKYGARDEN signs with GMA's altG Records and releasing their first single KOKOA

I've met them this afternoon and they're a pretty fun bunch of guys. During the pandemic, Ryo saw his 2 best friends who lost their jobs and struggled with their mental state in Japan. It was then when he bought two tickets for them to bring them to the Philippines so they could experience the culture, and how it is to live here. They ended up adoring Filipinos, their couldn't believe how some of the people they met were generous, welcoming and kind despite their economic stature. This is just one of many reasons why they now choose to live here, and now they're not just content creators, and chose to make their brand of music. 


If you get to listen to KOKOA, you'll see how it is a bit of a JRock experience, with the choice of using Filipino for the lyrics. So in a nutshell, it's a combination with Japanese rock with OPM. It'll remind you of those intros and outros of anime shows you've been watching online. It's something they are heavily influenced with. With their success, they plan to actually put it to good use and do a lunch movement, it'll be like CSR programs to feed those who can't by adopting schools. Aside from that, they plan to still continue to create content together to make sure they pay back those who supported them all these years.

Here's our conversation at the mediacon this afternoon.

They're funny, good looking and pretty driven about what they want to do in the content creation industry and music. They're in it full time and plan to do more of it in the next few months. You'll definitely see more of them in radio, different shows, online to promote their new single, which they hope you'll love. You can already pre-order it on Apple Music buy buying it now, then it'll alert on September 1st when you can play it. For the other platforms, you can start purchasing it on the same date. I like how they mentioned how supportive their parents are with their chosen careers. They really wanted them to follow their passion. This is under altG Records of GMA Music.

Congratulations Ryo, Iwa and Hiro. Keep on doing what you love!


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