Breville Launches New Espresso Maker to Make Fine Brews at Home!

Friday, September 01, 2023

Tried Latte art for the first time, let's just say it needs work LOL! 🤣

My love for coffee just like a lot of Filipinos, it's just undeniable. To say the least, you're bound to see me in coffee shops while working because I love the ambiance and that certain smell when they grind coffee from the beans they recently roasted. It's addicting, but very good for the soul.

These days, you don't need to spend the whole day at coffee shops, because let's face it, drinks in that place often cost an arm and a leg. The folks at Breville Philippines had us experience how it is to have our own coffee machine at home, not the kind that just has a coffee pot and filter, but the those machines you often dream of having. They showed us the Breville Express Impress, and the Breville Barista Pro.

Ms. Haj Cortez-Flores the F&B Business Unit Manager of Breville Philippines welcomed us all and said "I want to welcome everyone, thank also my own team for today's event. We have lots of activities for you and lunch, you will certainly enjoy this! Please enjoy the company over a cup of coffee, thank you so much for being here today!"

Chef Joseph Datu, the Breville Corporate Chef

Chef Joseph Datu the Breville Corporate Chef adds "We replicate the good machines in commercial establishments and put them at home. Our Breville Express Impress has lots of features that also tamps on its own, it's the perfect thing for beginners. The Barista Pro on the other hand has all the information set on screen, it's like the Barista Express on steroids, as it takes 3 seconds to brew because it's built fast and reliable. It's not too big, perfect for that coffee nook you've been planning to construct at home."

The Breville Express Impress is an espresso machine that has the Impress Puck System to make sure you get that cup and dose you need for the day. The tamping gets 10Kg of pressure and 7 degree barista twist without the need of measuring it yourself. From the coffee content, to the temperature and steam, it just needs your hands to whip up a cup. It only costs Php 69,999 and is available in stores Breville is available. You can also trade your older Breville machine and get this new one from the line. 

Thank you for the tons of activities you had us try Breville! Plus the entertaining song and dance numbers that came right after!

If you're up to it, visit the Breville website and social channels to know more about it!


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