Ysabel Ortega, Elle Villanueva, Sophia Seneron Opens Own a NAILANDIA Salon

Friday, September 22, 2023

Proud owners of NAILANDIA IL TERRAZO Tomas Morato, Ysabel Ortega, Elle Villanueva, Sophia Seneron

It must have been fun doing VOLTES V LEGACY over at GMA when Sparkle stars Ysabel Ortega, Elle Villanueva, Sophia Seneron met on set initially as just mere co-stars, then friends, and now business partners. The three promising stars from the Kapuso network just opened their own NAILANDIA Nail Salon over at IL TERRAZO at Tomas Morato in Quezon City. And by the looks of it, they're excited for what's about to happen to this venture they're doing because obviously, they're so passionate about it.

Ysabel, Elle and Sophia went out a couple of times during the filming of VOLTES V LEGACY but always found themselves going to a NAILANDIA Salon in BGC which they loved because of the service they get. True enough, they felt right at home to be called "SUKI" because it's the least they can do to take care of themselves, their looks, especially for the demanding requirements of being celebrities in GMA. After realizing they wouldn't probably meet after the show, they promised to see each other regularly which is why they thought of doing business. They decided to incorporate with equal shares, and now they've put up a company that would be able to do other businesses. Their child project however was this NAILANDIA Salon. Now you can go to this branch at the ground floor if you want Nail Art, Manicure, Pedicure, Foot Spa, Paraffin Wax, Massage, or your eyelashes done in a jiffy. They took sweet time training all their staff to make sure you get your money's worth each time you go to a Nailandia branch. Here's their story on how they started:

During the first few days of operations, they had family, friends, especially those who helped them put up the salon. It wasn't easy, and they had to ask favors from a lot of people to finish the construction of this branch. The look definitely was white and bright, you'll feel relaxed just as soon as you step into the establishment. It was cold and breezy, the perfect ambiance while you get your nails done, and yes, even I tried to get my nails worked on. I say, they did quite an excellent job with what I had in mind!


Supportive boyfriends (I think hehe) Derrick Monasterio and Miguel Tanfelix

They've got this done and plan to do more in the future. Aside from that, they're raring to do a good job in the separate projects they are doing right now. Ysabel by the way will be appearing in Firefly together with Miguel Tanfelix, Elle on the other hand will be doing projects with Derrick Monasterio (who was also there by the way and said "I LOVE YOU!" loudly when they cut the ribbon), plus Sophia who will be doing more episodes of Pepito Manaloto. As much as they've worked on their shows, they want to also do businesses together since they are now a corporation. They will be at the branch every now and then so if you're fond of them, go visit them today!

Congratulations Ysabel Ortega, Elle Villanueva and Sophia Seneron... you are now proud owners of your own NAILANDIA branch. Here's to more days of working hard, and harvesting the fruits of your labor.


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