One "Pawsome Day" at Golden Haven

Friday, September 08, 2023

For those who have an additional and special member in the family, this would certainly be good news for you. If you're taking care of a dog, a cat or anything in between, Golden Haven Memorial Parks Inc. recently held their "Pawsome Day" at all their affiliated properties nationwide. Folks brought their furry kids to their over 30+ properties and had a grand time playing with them last August 19th. Much of the properties were filled to the brim with dogs, cats, and other animal friends, all aimed to bond with their furry pets while inside the confines of the sprawling property.

They also invited several pet related businesses in the event so the fur parents won't have to go far in order to take care of their pals, even went to lenghts in doing a pet fashion show during the event. The audience certainly enjoyed the various clothes ther wore on the catwalk, of which made them extra adorable. It was a mix of barking, laughing and music in the venue, something they wanted to do to make each property a place not just for our loved ones, but to celebrate life while we're living.

The President of Golden Haven Ms. Emy Lustado says "Holding this event affirmed our efforts to be not just a place of peace for the departed, but to also have awesome experiences with their loved ones. Pets have always been cherished confidants, and give us a source of boundless happiness. It is but right to give them this Pawsome day!"

This is their second year of holding this event, and by the looks of it, they're raring to make this an annual thing for the whole Golden Haven community. If you want to know more, you can search Golden Haven on social channels of their website today.


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