Miguel Tanfelix Changes Looks on His 25th Birthday

Thursday, September 21, 2023


BTS of Miguel Tanfelix's shoot

 Miguel Tanfelix is officially 25 years old today. The young and prime Kapuso actor just finished Voltes V Legacy, and portraying Steve Armstrong was like a dream come true. We asked about how he felt after doing their finale episode and what this means for him. He says "I am a little sad about ending the show, but ultimately, it brings back how a family actually bonds over what they watch on TV. I am so happy about what Voltes V Legacy has achieved. It's a privilege to do a very popular show from the 80's and 90's, and how we got to San Diego Comic Con for it." Miguel also felt it was a good break for those who are all just usually watching on their phones.

They have a new movie called FIREFLY under GMA News and Public Affairs. This is directed by critically acclaimed Zig Dulay. In it, he's able to work with the likes of Cherry Pie Picache, Yayo Aguila, Alessandra De Rossi, Epi Quizon. It's about a kid's adventures and how he gets to see different people along his journey. Like a slice of life.

Some of the looks he's serving this last quarter


Since his birthday is coming up, they planned this photo shoot ahead of time. Miguel is actually turning 25 this year and with it, comes a lot of change especially when it comes to his looks and demeanor. No particualr theme in mind, but just envibe maturity... also show off his new hair. If you didn't notice, he was not able to cut his hair for a number of years for the continuity in the script and the show VOLTES V LEGACY he's in.


Miguel doesn't want the run of the mill birthday party to go to bars and celebrate it that way, and rather just spend time with family, friends and do outdoorsy stuff especially wake boarding. Something like a short break after the grueling Voltes V Legacy shoot that actually took 4 years to make and took a few months to have the public watch. Any place is fine, as long as it's outside and spend it with the most important people in his life.


Miguel told us that Isabel actually tried to do wake boarding, but it was just physically draining. Miguel of course just wants her to be there. Miguel also wants the shoot to be something he could use in social media. Though let me ask you, do you like his new hair? I do.

Miguel is careful, still reaching for his dreams. Although he went through a lot these past few years, we are seeing Miguel's steady rise happen before our very eyes. For now, he wants to just take a break and spend it with his family. He's been working hard and deserve it, to say the least.

We will see more of Miguel Tanfelix in his upcoming projects. Do expect that he's going to do more mature roles, exciting ones which he plans to do on TV, online and in film. Our boy is all grown up, and we can see how he's become a fine young actor who's very passionate about his craft. Watch out for his photos coming out today!

Happy Birthday Miguel! We love you!

(Photos and Videos on this article were taken by our correspondent Ishin Cuizon for KUMAGCOW.COM)


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