To Celebrate Your Life: Marissa Sanchez Releases "Farewell Slam Book"

Wednesday, September 06, 2023


It was a fun afternoon, over lunch, seated with blogger friends and writers at the launch of Ms. Marissa Sanchez's book called "Farewell Slam Book". Yes, it's unconventional, and talks about something that people may think is taboo. Though at this day and age, what's a topic that can't be talked about?

Ms. Marissa Sanchez is a really well rounded actress, a really good comedienne, so I'm sure naysayers would probably ask what is she doing writing a book?

She says "I think this is timely, it's fleeting, and I've seen people who have death in the family who don't know where to go to, who cry and stress over it. People find it morbid talking about it, and the subject is being oppressed, but we really have to talk about it. I've said this to a lot of friends, when I shared it with Ogie he was squeamish. It was Tita Aster Amoyo who thought I should start it, and I've had friends who supported me in this book. I've always wanted to be a journalist, to write, and it's something that I wanted to do but didn't have the guts to do so.  She said I shouldn't procrastinate, I should go ahead and do it."

She adds "Happiness is a choice, I'd be a hypocrite when  I say I'm not. Writing this made me realize there's a lot that needs to be said, but you kinda don't because you don't want to hurt their feelings. There's also some parts where you need to think, the whole pandemic gave me time to really think about what to include here."

Asked about who this book is intended for, she says "It'll be good for Cancer patients, old people, almost everyone, young and old should have this." 

When I flipped the pages and saw much of the literature, it wasn't something that I'd think Ms. Marissa Sanchez would write. She's different on TV, and on the book it was more of her sharing her views. 

I could say those bible verses she shared was something unexpected, because you don't see her preaching on TV for most of the days she's spreading "funny" on it. Though in hindsight, it's something she didn't want to do. It didn't come off as that, her Christian views was easy to digest and really relatable. The book also had a lot of things that needed much of your input in preparing for the inevitable. The gist of it lies on you (in some way or form) measure your relationships, to say things you need say to people, talk about those whom you might have not talked to in years but actually matter to you. It also presents a place to become organized, from the things you prefer like flowers, location, insurance, which would be good to know when the time comes.


I also asked about being single, and we kinda connected on that a LOT.

She says "Being single is not something you need to be sad about, you can find happiness from a lot of things, it's just that we are partly to be blamed about it because we see them as someone to fix, someone we can change but that is just not realistic, and in a way, yes, our standards are high."

If you're ready to take that step to make sure everything is organized, and you care about the people you leave behind, maybe try it first, see how it will impact your life. And I quote from Lt. General Baden Powell (founder of Scouting) who said "Try to leave this world a little better than when you found it, so if your turn comes to die, you will have a happy feeling that you have not wasted your time, but have done your best."

The book is now available at Shopee and Lazada, but to make things easier, here's a link for it HERE. It only costs 950 there, but if you're seriously considering more, you can directly message Ms. Marissa Sanchez' social channels to arrange more copies. Thank you to Sir Ogie Diaz and the men and women who made this media conference possible. One of my favorite authors and host Ms. Julie Yap Daza also graced the occasion and supported Ms. Marissa on her new book. That alone says a lot no?


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