Making History, Leaving a Legacy with Gatorade

Sunday, September 03, 2023


Wasn't the last FIBA game of the Philippines fun? Gilas Pilipinas won against China and it's a whopping 96-75, contrary to early predictions. Dwight Ramos wasn't just eye candy, but really went against some of the big men in the league. He's been training a lot and played in teams from the EU region. He knows how to play, and part of that is hydrating a lot.

He goes through these challenges with a Gatorade in hand. It replenishes his electrolytes, and makes him not experience dehydration. It also helps him with the nutrients he need while playing on the court. With it, he also doesn't experience cramps during warmups.

During the game, heat and exhaustion can really hamper these players performance especially since they've been at the peak of their physical efforts. Some players stop mid game because they lose so much fluids and cramps become a problem. Good thing there's the official electrolyte drink for FIBA to help them in the games. They are making history for their respective countries, that includes the Philippines... and we saw that happen during this week. 
That sweet end with the victory against China was the cherry on top.


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