Winning Customers This Mega Holiday with GCash

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Spent the evening at the GCash Insider event in BGC as they bare news about this supposed MEGA HOLIDAY happening in the Philippines. They also shared information about how to win customers at the most competitive days since everybody's having their own mega sales season.  It's timely and apt for Pinoys since we do start the holidays quite early, a cultural phenomenon that even Mariah Carey understood.

The number 1 finance app in the country GCash knows how important this is not just for their consumer base but for the countless businesses that are also on the platform. They have pioneered a lot of things in the past and this time, services have changed tremendously because of the demands of the economy pre and post pandemic. Connecting to consumers have evolved and it is critical to reach your target consumers which is why they have personalized the experience year on year. 

The rise of e-commerce channels , tons of promos and discounts means you need to make your brand stand out. It needs clearer communication and better strategies. 

GCash B2B Marketing Head on New Businesses Katrina Ronquillo says "Christmas is extraordinary in the Philippines and to note, we celebrate it as early as September. We also see consumer spending, movement, brand spending increase both online and offline. People are excited about it, even if it means going through traffic everywhere. You need to know your customer, and we know how mega it's going to be this season."

Carlos Bauza the Innovations and AdTech head for GCash says "The past few days we scoured the internet and found some of the most weird items are being highly reviewed online. From flavored soda, haunted items, a jail cell for phones. Value, Volume and Users increased and people value safety in transactions when it comes to digital transactions. Some segments are not as natural, some people buy things online, some don't. Mostly it's the convenience that makes them buy. Despite the massive growth of online, almost half still do offline purchases because of security and value of the product. Consumer spending also has grown in both, and it has to be in targeted driven channels that we need to be in so we can drive sales. GCash Voucher Ads can get your products where your customers are."

Sarah Venturina Chief Data Officer of Gcash adds "I've been working 24 years in this data industry, that's 1999. We have little information of our customers, but these days we have a lot and it's not just age and gender. At GCash, we try to understand our customers with our shopaholic segments. From GDP, employment, and income growth, we have seen this increase over the years especially for the shopaholics... most of which are also doing transactions on GCash. These are across different segments. And it's not just women. We need to support their passions, invest in cross selling, revisit typical consumer data. At GCash we have over 50 different affinities, and we did it today in this room. 90 percent of you are shopaholics, luxury shoppers are 21 percent, 76 percent are Salon Lovers, these are your GCash personalities."

Claude Gomez of Insights Analytics and Globe Synergies says "We are in sales and marketing so we look at the data points especially the money that goes in and out of wallets. Lending penetration has also grown, 9x in the past 3 years. It's because it is a convenient and is expected to increase in December. This is a lot of retail, more of wants rather than needs during this time. Much of the purchases are gadgets, and by targeting your customers to get personalized offers, it will be more effective with GCash Hyper AI Ads (beta). It maximizes campaign revenue and optimize learning about your customers. This doesn't just drive growth to GCash products but partner brands as well."

These are just some of the things GCash does and if you want to win customers through mega mobility, affinities and spenders, choose the e-wallet and tech company that does these all. They have Mega Shopper Booster, Shopper Pulse Push, Cross Shopper Trigger and Merry GCash packages you can avail if you're interested and plan to do big things this 11.11, 12.12 and Christmas season.


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