MOIRA Named as Maria Clara Virgin Sangria Brand Ambassador

Thursday, September 14, 2023

It looks like a fruitful year for the queen of emotional songs Moira Dela Torre as she becomes the face and brand ambassador for Maria Clara VIRGIN Sangria. This is a new non-alcoholic variant of the well loved Sangria brand from Desteliria Limtuaco & Co. Inc.

At the event, Moira says "I've tried it both and I liked the original one, but when I don't want to drink I love the non alcoholic variant. I love that the campaign because they want you to have it in moderation. It fits my lifestyle as it is mostly when I rest, when I want to celebrate. If could be completely honest, I had to think about it a lot because it's an alcoholic brand, I drink it and in Olongapo we often have this in parties with family. I wanted to make sure it's a brand I wanted to represent. The brand has been a friend, like my music, I don't think I deserve the accolades, I see a lot of people who also work harder than me. I loved it so much already, which is why I said yes."

She adds "This is my band, they can vouch for me because I don't drink much but I do get woozy really early, I remember I only had 3 glasses in the shoot. It was not hard to write the song because in previous years I was already doing jingles, I knew how they wanted to sound like, this was quite different from the things I do. This would be good to listen to while having a glass, I wanted to make the music accompany what they are doing. I don't really drink before I perform, I just really sound like this normally."

Ms. Limpe-ao says "We try to treat it as a healthier alternative, and it's got 7 grams per serving with zero calories. She is a very talented singer and songwriter, she can communicate through music and understand what we are doing, to send the message that you have a friend with Maria Clara, she fits to be the spokesperson for this campaign, aside from being beautiful and talented. She is who we choose as our new endorser."

Ms. Olivia Limpe-ao was also joined by executives from Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc. were there to also witness the event and told us how this endorsement came about. The original song was perfect to assure their patrons that "Everything will be alright!'

If you've loved the original Maria Clara Sangria and just refrained from drinking alcohol, this certainly is a treat because of the really sweet and fruity taste this has without the guilt. It's having "choices" that make this a very attractive alternative while you're out with friends, family or plainly in a party. It also has less sugars for those who are watching their intake and yes, 0 percent alcohol.

For those who would want a taste of it, Maria Clara Virgin only costs PHP 192.00 and is now available in leading supermarkets and stores nationwide.


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