Star Magic Workshops x AMP Studios Does Second Hybrid Workshop in Canada

Sunday, September 03, 2023

I've had word that the previous one was phenomenal (late 2022), so this really didn't come as a surprise for me to see Star Magic Training and Workshop Head Direk Rahyan Carlos and their team did a hybrid workshop in Toronto, Canada. This was done together with their partners over at AMP Studios Canada with Rechelle Everden at its helm.

It's a face to face workshop, so in a way it was quuite intense for all the participants who enrolled for the Introductory and Advanced Acting Class. It culminated on August 27 when they held their recital and it was joined by the very talented actress/comedienne Carmi Martin.

As you may already know, Direk Rahyan Carlos is one of the few people certified to teach the world renowned Chubbuck Technique. This has been used by several local actors and Hollywood A listers, so if you want to join, you're certainly welcome to do so by inquiring and visiting their page at or their IG account @ampstudios_canada.

They would like to thank Mitzify Canada and Mitziville Farm and Residences for generously sponsoring the event and other AMP Studios projects.


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