The Crazy World of Money and Relationships on TikTalks

Sunday, September 17, 2023

f you haven't made it a habit, make sure you watch the latest episode of TikTalks. It's shown on TV5, One PH and also on Radyo 5 92.3 News FM every Sunday at 10:30PM. It's where Ms. Korina Sanchez Roxas, Ms. Pat P. Daza, G3 San Diego, Kakai Bautista and Alex Calleja sit down and talk about things you probably are afraid to ask especially in the matters of money and finance in the family.

Serious stuff, strong opinions, spicy replies and lots of humor will make this an entirely interesting show, especially when they encourage conversations that are greatly uncomfortable, a little taboo in some instances. They've been out mostly because of the FIBA World Cup coverages in the past few weeks and this comeback will be something that'll surely ruffle feathers.

Ms. Korina says "We talk about it openly, especially those that are not talked about in a no-holds barred way. In the show, we'll talk about pre-nup agreements, happiness vs money, living with others, something you might not ordinarily hear at home, you'll hear lots of different opinions from the hosts of the show."

So if you haven't seen past episodes, go watch the latest one first then scrub up on the others. It's definitely going to give you a different perspective about very sensitive topics, you don't have to go far. Be there on the stations we mentioned earlier, every Sundays at 10:30PM. 

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