HONOR Introduces 3 Affordable Phones and a Tablet

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Much of the crazy talk about HONOR Philippines releasing phones this month played along the lines of it being more affordable for the market. The entry level and mid-range price range certainly feels more appealing in the country as we slowly recover from the economic effects of the pandemic. Since the recent HONOR 90 5G got sold out in the previous quarter, there's a feeling of optimism and being bullish with the brand since it's gone and given those high end features in a mid range price.

HONOR Public Relations Manager Pao Oga says "It is with great pleasure to represent a brand that pushes boundaries of what's possible. From smartphones to wearables, the quality is synonymous to the brand. It has shaken the PH mobile industry especially when we launched the previous models Honor Magicbook Series, Honor X7a, Honor Magic Pro 5G, Honor X9a 5G, Honor X8a, Honor 90 5G. We are ready to introduce to you more, and innovation is enriching lives, it is our testament and our dedication. We will unveil more in 2024!"

Honor's Brand Marketing Manager Ms. Joepy Libo-on adds "The Honor 90 Lite 5G is specifically made for students and young professionals looking for storage and good cameras. 6.7 inches screen, better graphics, 93.6% screen to body ratio means you've got more movies to watch, even clear when zoomed in. It's not noisy or pixelated even if it's affordable. It's got a large storage which means you don't get too worried running out of space.

Here's our unboxing video of the HONOR X6a!

Here are some highlights from the event this evening!

Their Senior PR Officer Denis Santos also talked about two more smartphones and the HONOR PAD X9. He mentions "The Honor Pad X9 has better vocal enhancement tech which means it has accurate sound better rated for vocals. It can be gripped easily, has snapdragon 685, so you get smoother performance. With a 7250mAh battery, you can stream 13 hours and is available in Space Gray color. It also has ample storage, can do multitasking, and can sync with Honor Connect across your different Honor devices. It also runs on Android 13, and can be installed with Google Kids so you can control what they see on the device. 120 Hz and 2K display makes sure you see crisp videos via its 11.5 inch display."


(Photos are compressed by FB, so imagine what you can do with the high resolution photos from the X6a)

I personally used the X6a for a couple weeks now and have been able to shoot a few photos with it. Suffice to say, it's really the Indian and not the Pana. But it helps when you do get a good phone like it, you need less editing especially if used in daylight. The sharpness and colors are quite nice too, if you're looking for a phone at this price point, you get a lot with an HONOR device.

Training Head Jaynard Lamarca boasts about the X series and adds "The Honor X6a and X5 Plus can store tons of photos, audio and movies. It's got a full view display, plus a 50mp dual camera which can do quality shots. The 90Hz refresh rate and comfortable display is good for kids and young pros who need it most. The price point is also attractive, you just have to decide what would fit your lifestyle."

The price for the HONOR Pad X9 Tablet is PHP 11,990. The Honor 90 Lite can be bought for PHP 12,990. The two x series phones Honor X6a is at PHP 6,990 and the Honor X5 costs PHP 5,490. There will be freebies with the corresponding devices, details will be on HONOR PH social channels and dealers. Go get them while it's hot!


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