PHILUSA Corporation Launches Babyflo Buddies at Robinsons Magnolia

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Just got off the Babyflo Buddies media launch at Robinsons Magnolia's Central Garden grounds in Quezon City. Folks had to wake up early for the morning event and tons of activities were prepared for kids and their families for one fun Saturday with the Play, Party and Pamper event.

Babyflo is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to baby products. Their parent company PHILUSA is also Filipino owned, making sure their products are affordable but of world class quality. If you live nearby or are just in the area, the activities are open to the public from 1pm to 9pm just for today!

I love the party games and food carts the most because you kinda get to have fun while you're there. This would be a fun activity with your kids and other family members. 

PHILUSA Corporation's Marketing Head Maya Leander says "This is the first time we are holding an event after the pandemic, and we are excited to tell you about the latest additions to the Babyflo family. We are the second happiest country in Asia, and we wear that smile while we practice the joy with our families. It's our mission to bring that happiness to every kid, and we have the widest range of products to do that. We use the highest quality of ingredients and make it affordable, all proudly Filipino made. Now we have to encourage our kids to use this inner joy, to make sure they grow up right. I wish everyone a happy day today and beyond!"

Brand Manager Rachelle Inciso adds "Together with our team, we want you to experience fun and the magic of childhood. We believe a happy baby makes a happy mommy, and it also makes a less stressed Dad. We hope you can love the new Babyflow Buddies because you will see them on stage today!"

Mommy influencers Neri Miranda and Iya Villana Arellano also joined in the fun. They have a talk encouraging Moms like them to take time to have fun while taking care of their kids. Iya says "Thank you Lord it's not raining now, we can enjoy the fun activities Babyflo has prepared for all of us. As parents we can always relate at some way and form. I took off a lot of my workout regimen because I need to recover. They are rough boys, all of them, no 5th one yet. No plans but it would be a happy accident because it's unsurmountable joy they bring everyday. If you ask Primo, weekends are the only gadget day."

Neri says "I'm really busy with business but I decided to put load later because I can see my kids are growing up so fast. I want to make sure I have time for them, to be there to send them off to school. Kids are different now, you have to chase them at a certain age. I used to also let them use gadgets but I see the big difference in attitude, so I don't let them have it unless it's needed. They did become impatient, addictive, so I removed it from the equation and let them bond together. That is a whole lot better!"

Together with living with kids, you need products that can make sure they're clean and safe.. and also are having fun. Go to Robinsons Magnolia today and get you, your kids in tow to enjoy the activities this afternoon. Remember, it opens at 1PM til 9PM, only for today! 

Congratulations PHILUSA and Babyflo!


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