Liza Soberano to do YT Series "Liza In Korea"

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Dubbed as one of the prettiest faces in the world, Liza Soberano is set to do a new YouTube series called "Liza in Korea". If you've been following her recent appearances in Korean shows, she's always said how much she adored Korean drama, artists, idols and KPOP music too.   

The series premiere will happen on September 13th at 8PM and the consecutive Wednesdays thereafter in this 15 episode cultural and experiential tour of the land of the morning calm. This will of course be extra sweet because we'll all be seeing it through the eyes of Liza. Also in the show will be several businesses and individuals who's stories will also inspire more people through the digital production.

She will also be doing the actual narration, so you will feel like you're traveling with her and experiencing the things she's just beginning to discover. Liza will also share her experiences about entrepreneurship (with Lacimer) and talk about how it could be a viable way to improve lives in our home soil, which is pretty new to see coming from the beautiful actress.  

The first few episodes will be very exciting as she talks to top Korean content creators, the media, big networks, even a trip to world famous Lotteworld, even learn from top Korean choreographers so Liza can do a few KPOP dance numbers on the YouTube series.

To get you more excited, here's a teaser from the show!

For those who want to see the series when it comes out, go and subscribe via the PHH TV YouTube channel here. You may opt to see it on IG via the Lacimer official account which you can find here. If you're excited about what Liza Soberano is doing in Korea, this certainly will get you acquainted with what she's been up to these past few months. I'm sure just like me, you really miss her!

This is produced by JJ Global Group in Korea.


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