Dream Date: 1st Original Pinoy Dating Show on Studio 23!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Love is such a wonderful feeling! Everybody deserves it; but not everyone gets it! Dating can really be a hassle for professionals like me but I never lost hope on marrying someone one day, in hopes of getting a family of my own and eventually... have kids. I wanted to see more women and not waste precious time just because of incompatibilities, or worse... irreconcilable differences. Studio 23 and CHUZI.COM is about to change the landscape of this activity through their new show called DREAM DATE!

Think about it; seeing that special someone; but you never do things together because your lives are total opposites. You work with the differences but end up hurting yourselves in the process. They have a system now that checks on who's compatible and see if your minds jive in all aspects through a series of questions. You also have the chance to appear in the show and win your dream date! So make sure you go to CHUZI.COM and register. If you get into the show you might just get that dream guy or gal on a date! All in the house courtesy of DREAM DATE!

Here's a sneak peek from the media launch last Wednesday. Check it out!

The stage has been set for DREAM DATE to be shown on July 15, 2011! Turn those knobs/remote controls to Studio 23 at 11:30PM!

They answered the toughest questions! Even Gender or Preference is not an issue! So anyone can join the show as long as they get chosen and register through CHUZI.COM!

This show is hosted by the statuesque VJ Bianca Roque and cute guy Drei Felix (who happens to be Jennelyn Mercado's Ex! I didn't know that seriously!)

Your DREAM DATE could be one of them! Imagine these gorgeous guys and gals having that special romantic activity with you.

This one of a kind show that uses NEW MEDIA and DREAM DATE might be just the answer to your LOVE needs. Make sure you watch the show on July 15, 2011 at 11:30 PM. Because in Studio 23 IBA KA KABARKADA!


Visit their website!

http://www.chuzi.com and REGISTER NOW!

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Bino Montilijao Bautista said...

ang hot naman ng mga rigls!!!!!! 

Bino Montilijao Bautista said...

Girls pala. hehehe typo

VinVin Jacla said...

Wow Brian A. is there :)

Jacob said...

Pretty Bianca and the guy wearing vest with the Japanese band is smoking HOT!!!!

what's his name???