Friday, June 03, 2011

Yes the lines were this looooong!!!!

Free ice cream too!!!

The time to look at our past is one thing that I don't have the time for because of my busy schedule but I'm so glad that I got to attend an event this Friday that made everything worth the wait. I watched XMEN First class courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines and Happee toothpaste. It was awesome! I like the story, I like their powers and one day I will try to show them my mutant powers LOL. Well for what its worth I do have that but I need to discover it... Maybe it'll come sooner or later !

I'm kinda hating my IPad now... Or any apple product for that matter because of the lack of Flash support. It made photo uploading doubly hard. I couldn't even browse a file for cryin out loud. Anyway as for the movie I really really enjoyed it because it was a time of fun and a time to enjoy with other bloggers from the Nuffnang community.

I even brought my folks along and it was really a great time for bonding... At least that's what I felt there. I wouldn't want to rain on the parade because of all the days where the movie house lost air conditioning this was It. Yeah I just had to go out a couple of times because of the heat and the smell of someone near me. The parking situation didn't help either LOL. I love Nuffnang, Happee and xmen still!!!

Thank you so much Nuffnang!!!

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ZaiZai said...

saya! want to see x-men too! hassle nga lang ang mawalan ng aircon! na bad trip ka siguro ng slight :)