One of Manila's Best Kept Secrets!: BND Hair Gallery Salon

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I just got my hair did in one of the best kept secrets in town! I was complaining mainly about how I couldn't manage it because of the curse natural curls I have even if it's already in its Mohawk state. Cher Nogara a fellow blogger and correspondent from Orange Magazine TV suggested I try out their salon along Panay Avenue in Quezon City. BND Hair Gallery Salon is one of Manila's best kept secrets, big names and real stars frequent their humble abode from sun up to sun down. Why shouldn't you try what worked for them right?!

I tried their treatments and they said that this would clean dirt and give me a fresh and better feeling in the scalp. With the dirt removed and treated I wouldn't have a hard time managing my hair after that. I thought it would just end with plain chemicals on my head but they went the extra mile and give me something more. This kind lady with me and Cher gave me a massage, which is her specialty. So along with the things they do for your hair they made this something to look forward to every time you visit their salon. Pretty nice if you are tired and in need of something to change your mood. I felt cool and got my hair style fixed in seconds with minimal to no hair products, it was the first time I saw my hair edgy like that in years! What impressed me the most is that they never even sacrifice quality... their salon and it's interiors are at par with the world's finest. Need a classy haircut? A new image? BND Hair Gallery Salon can give just that!

Thanks to the BND Hair Gallery Creative Team Ms. Bing Dio, Ms. Cher Nogara & Ms. Beng Manuel. You guys are awesome! I'll probably have my hair done there... soon! =)



For more Information please visit their Salon:

G/F Unit 8801, Crowne 88 Condominium, 88 Panay Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

BND Hair Gallery Creative Team: Bing Dio, Cher Nogara & Beng Manuel,

Services Offered :

Hair cut
Hair and make up
hair treatments
hair extensions
digital perm
foot spa/ hands spa
ear candling

Parking: Street Parking Lot


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Claucher_29 said...

you are always welcome KUMAGCOW any time

Tolentinobernaline said...

had digiperm with bnd hair salon and it was awful. Hairstylist combed the hair after digiperming right now just 2 weeks and my hair is already straightening and looking like waves instead of curls. I had my previous curls with tony and jackey, salon de manila, david's salon but this one's the worst.