TRAILBLAZER by Penshoppe

Friday, June 17, 2011

You thought it was over? Think again! I saved the BEST for last! You'll now see some of my shots from the runways of Philippine Fashion Week 2011. Ladies and Gentlemen... lend me your ears!

From one of the best international brands the Philippines has ever produced, I present to you my pièce de résistance....

TRAILBLAZER by Penshoppe

Celebrating their 25th Anniversary, Golden ABC Inc. unleashes this awesome production of Trailblazer - an apt title for their greatest brand Penshoppe.

Bernie H. Liu owner of Golden ABC Inc. and famous brands Pen­shoppe, Oxygen, Memo, For Me and Red Logo (who was seated in front of me); went up the ginormous silver laden stage and with a toast; thanked everyone who made Golden ABC Inc. and Penshoppe what it is today. Penshoppe is a force to be reckoned with; from a local clothing brand with humble beginnings - to a great name known the world over!

Golden ABC Inc. now has 400+ stores including those in Xiamen, Jinjang and Chengdu China. He also announced the acquisition of a new premium brand called Tyler; expanding their portfolio bigger, better than ever before!


Stage darkens; Colors like these popped on LED Screens! Just WOW!

From their high class innovative designs, crazy but creative concepts, the Hollywood glam-rock combination and use of leather, jackets, pants, blazers, basic tees embellished with studs + rivets achieved their look for the Holiday collection 2011. The famous Stylist and Designer Raoul Ramirez was so proud; couldn't contain his excitement to show just how this will change the fashion landscape. Burned, ignited and hot... we got to see what Trailblazer is all about!

Opening the show were these guys (L) America's Next Top Model Season 10 Finalist, Fil-AM Phenom Claire Unabia, wearing a preppy sleeveless top and "to die for" boots. (R) Athletic Jacket + military looking outfit says this is going to be nice!

When I saw the background playing with lights like that I was in awe just like you! (L) Knitwear and chunky pieces work with a small frame. Her accessories pop out of her earth toned number. (R) Hoodies, cute and comfy! That artsy hanging shirt ain't that bad either!

(L) You should see the details on her dress. This would be perfect for concerts or going out... pretty much something like when it already stopped raining. Dig?! (R) Nice Asian features, nobody would go wrong with red leather + hoodie. The skirt also gives her a bigger silhouette in the hips, pretty!

(L) Key item: Man Bag. The Chinese inspired hoodie and the patched custom jeans look mighty good! (R) I think this guy is from Elite Manila, (name recall one of my many flaws) I like the boots, the Man Bag and the wayfarers.

(L) The nice small Messenger Bag, relaxed top, shiny jeans and leather bracelet works. Playing with earth tones and grays is achievable as you can see here. (R) The Man bag and jeans with sewn in zippers is a must have. I love how the "cardigan" top (if it is) relaxes the whole getup. Surprised about that skull shirt?! Me too! =)

(L) Very reminiscent of Banana Republic right? But THIS IS PENSHOPPE! Imagine how that would be if the two brands would face off in a show, this would be really a BIG challenge! If anyone got caught traveling with this number who wouldn't be noticed? (R) A simple "wifebeater" shirt, 3/4 pants and scarf completes this one; prefect for the URBAN or real JUNGLE!

(L) The hoodie and chain looks good on him, together with the red shirt - another pop of color to break the continuity. (R) The coat and plaid shirt works! You can probably use that with other regular shirts and it'll still look expensive! :)

(L) I like the treatment that they made on the pants, it looks like batik right? The boots is staple to almost all the outfits in this show.(R) The dress and the semi trench coat looks so nice together, the print is also one thing to take notice of! Everything is so nice up close!

(L) Take another look if the hoodie is worn down, its still nice eh?! I also want those weathered jeans, the feel of vintage but it's still new! (R) Look at that jacket, it would be perfect for any teenager, it makes you want to wear it anytime, anywhere!!

(L) Yuppies? It can work with that. The jacket is so nice. (R) Preppy and that Man bag, need I say more?!

(L) The jacket looks like the same with the other one but it is in a different shade. Obviously they have this in different colors. (R) Prints and layers, it probably also can work alone. Like a day and night dress. Office to nightspot. Get it? =)

The second part is all about the JACKETS, JACKETS, and JACKETS.

(L) Continuing the earth tones on this line is essential. The jacket's material, isn't that nice? Must be weatherproof too! If you guys hate the rainy days, icy nights or just plain complain about the cold in the office then this is it! (R) They take advantage of the design sense (Napoleon/British guards) which complements a man's built. I like the design aesthetic!

You think it only works on men? Nope! It does work on women too. For the more executive but not so classic ones this would take your clothing into a different level. If you feel like not following the norm, then suit up with this!

Look at those lines on the jacket plus those stressed pants on the female model. I'm sure people would go for these things and wear them everyday. Boots for men? It works too!

A different interpretation of the lines. (L) This goes down the jacket's length, nice! (R) The guy's sleeve also had some accents of lines across it. Something definitely armyish... if there is such a word for it! LOL!

(L) Padded, navy blue with yellow gold piping jacket and those button lines are great! (R) Gray and Red, who knew! I'm sure you guys didn't miss the gloves right? Michael Jackson would envy this! Foshu!

(L) Same jacket but look at how the dress worked too. You can mix and match these basics and still make use of your staples. Yes the one in your closets, it can still work with these jackets! (R) The pants with the guy, I would love to have that!

(L) See how those studs in the jacket looked nice on her eh!? (R) Sleeveless... time to show those guns! I could use one of those!

That's the Hunky Mikael Daza and Supermodel Bea Soriano! Coat's nice! ^^,

This part was where the Bowler hats came out. Very British. I think they also drew inspiration from London fashion. Very chic!

Key Items: Red Bowler Hat, coat, skirt on the lady, and she also has a bowler hat of her own. It looks so vintage but new. Really nice!

Bowler Hats and little black dress, Studded jeans, done!

Coats and shirt, bowler hat and coat on the female model. Pretty nice!

Two words... Leather jacket...

This guy... he's also famous too, name recall urgh! But look at how they use the bowler hats. It's so nice!

OMG! That's Ford Supermodel of the world finalist Charo Ronquillo! Isn't it?!

Tough and fierce on the finale walk!

Nice, they get the best models and show off the best clothes too!


The finale had Philippine Supermodels Victor Basa, Solenn Heussaff, Bea Soriano, and Mikael Daza on the runway. It was one night to remember, and I got to learn one thing...

Penshoppe is truly a TRAILBLAZER!

This is what you get from getting hooked up by PRAsia! It pays to get these things from the Queen B herself! Thank you so much Ms. Joyce Ramirez!

Thank you also to the good people from Penshoppe. Thank you also to Golden ABC Inc. and Sir Bernie Liu! Can't thank you guys enough!

By the way, did you know who they got to endorse Penshoppe? Here's something from their site!

Are you ready for more ED WESTWICK for PENSHOPPE?
Stay tuned! xoxo

*Images copyright belong to Penshoppe*

I hope you guys enjoyed the shows I covered for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. If ever you didn't get to see it, at least you get front row seats on my site right?! =)



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