Century Tuna - Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thanks to the great people at Nuffnang Philippines and Nuffnang G Plus perks that I got to attend this awesome event from Century Tuna. Yes just like you who's in a diet and just in the look for something filling and nutritious I do eat and adore this product for breakfast. I almost want to tell them to get me to endorse their product but then again they have someone else in mind LOL!

To tell you honestly I don't like ANYONE to be with Angel Locsin (because YES I LOVE HER!) but since I DO love her that much; I'm willing to share her JUST this time... with Phil Younghusband. He's the new guy endorsing this sexy and healthy brand and I'm really jealous that he did this advertisement with her! I mean they really should have gotten me instead! (Kapal eh noh! LOL)

I'm not a fan of Phil Younghusband, sorry but I just had to put that out bluntly... but I am a fan of the whole Azkals Team specially for what they did in the Philippine Football Industry; they did put us on the map (I'm so grateful and thankful for that!). I like Angel Guirado better though; he's from Spain and I love those who come from my lineage. My family hailed from Valencia... and I think he's more humble even after scoring those crucial points for the Philippines. Get it? got it? good!

Angel Locsin is G O R G E O U S!

For those who want a better, fitter body I suggest you take time to think while buying stuff in the supermarket. There are better alternatives than normal canned fish/meat that is packed with Omega 3 which you need for brain power. Who doesn't want to have a great body and strong heart?! You know it's the best one in the Philippines... thousands are eating it and incorporating tuna in their everyday meals. You should Century Tuna, I do that too!

Of course there was still time for Fashion!

Stay healthy!




ruthilicious said...

Nice pictures you got there! Was too far from the stage and the peeps went crazy when the couple arrived! Argh! 

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeah, those were actually cropped from a bigger photo. There were heads everywhere because people were hounding them as you may have witnessed.

Joel Feliciano said...

our yellow fin tuna is depleted....

Joel Feliciano said...

i told you our yellow fin tuna is depleted...and they catch the
juvenile fish,so it did not have a chance to spawn....and they wont
refrain from fishing for at least a year to give the fish a chance to
rebound..and t.v. commercials encourage you to eat tuna...said to be
.."BRAIN FOOD"...what ironic crap iron bull..its about $$$