Gil Cuerva Joins Solenn Heussaff at Taste Buddies

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Taste Buddies has always been heavily watched especially if you're fond of GMA News TV. I'm a fan of the show, and really had a remarkable time because once you had them on the dinner table, it's just fun and amusing to see them be in the nicest places and eat food like goddesses chilling, I envy them because they don't get fat either LOL.

Now they've got their share of hosts,equally gorgeous women, but this time I think they're experimenting a little and brought in model/actor Gil Cuerva. He is now officially Solenn's co host. We spent the whole afternoon with them on set at a restaurant in Taguig City, in one of Megaworld's Lifestyle Malls called VENICE PIAZZA. Here's our adventure on video.

Of course we won't leave the restaurant without getting to taste their food! Theirs is a mix of Latin cuisine, it shows on the spices they used which reminds me of that Peruvian place I reviewed a couple months ago. It was a familiar flavor, with some Mexican flare!

The food was good, I had memories still stuck in my head with that pizza. I will go back for that.

They had guests Sanya Lopez and cute puppy eyed Martin Del Rosario. I didn't get Sanya's photo because she left in a hurry.

Thank you so much to the good people of Taste Buddies who didn't mind we were there that afternoon.

Their show starts 8:45PM every Saturday so if you're lounging at those hours, go watch the show on GMA News TV and see if Gil makes it a tad better!


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