Efficiency with Lamudi’s New Lead Management Tool

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I'm not foreign to software development as I have been in the IT industry for a couple of years now. It takes months, years to even improve digital solutions in different industries, but it is essential to keep up not only because of industry standards... but to be ahead of the pack. In the realm of real estate, we all know how competition gets serious in an again, emerging market. You use tools to your advantage, a thing that Lamudi understands which is why they came out with the Lead Management Tool as consumer demands grow. Sellers would now be able to manage listings, follow up their leads and generate even more business in a no nonsense way. With easy to understand dashboards that caters to great support for sales and marketing, inventories and product management, it will enhance and optimize your existing operations and make processes efficient, which I'm sure every corporation would appreciate.

This tool also organizes your clientele using Lead Tagging so those who would need follow ups, promising customers or unresponsive ones can be identified and filtered. It also has Messaging options so you can call, text or email in one place plus easy notes to profile prospective clients and view it. It can also be updated real time so Lead Profiles would contain the updated preferred location, number of rooms and price points your clients would be interested in. Sellers would be able to target interested buyers via their market’s preferences and monitor consumer behavior and qualify legitimate leads with less clicks, no fuss on monitoring the status of the property so you could maximize time and effort. Wouldn't that be nice?

Now it's easy for them to organize and effectively market these for sale properties without the need of unnecessary red tape in your end. This would be convenient on both the client's side and real estate professionals. Saving you time, effort and add more business opportunities. Thanks to Lamudi's Lead Management Tool who can do all these things and more!

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