Tim Hortons Double Choco Creep Donuts

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My family in Manitoba got the shock of their life when they learned that Tim's is actually here in the Philippines. I wouldn't blame them because we are in a tropical climate but since they are a global brand, it wouldn't be a good idea to leave us out on having the great donuts, coffee and just about any of the sweet treats they have off the kitchen. This Halloween isn't going to be a let down as they introduce something good for those who would want a fright.

Tim Hortons just came out with their Double Chocolate Creep donuts. The donut and donut hole combo made to look like spiders is just so good to pair with a cup of coffee, don't pass on the double doubles if the kind counter guy or lady offers you one. 

It's packed and baked fresh every day and by golly this donut I got from them was just absolutely filling and surprisingly not too sweet, perfect for me who is trying to cut down on sugar intake and just wanted to have a piece or two. I am not even joking.

Ooh and yes if you've got kids they won't be jumping around that much because of the sugar high, so good job Tim's! Now make that holiday special by getting these chocolate loving dream donuts that match every arachnophobe's dream. I also saw some really cool stories they have on their Facebook page so they'll take care of you too. Go get creepy with the donuts today please!

I'll have to get my Double double later, I'll take care of this one first. Nomnomnom.

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