Myrtle Sarroza Represents PH in PUBG Tourney

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Blessings are pouring in for young lass Myrtle Sarroza as she begins her journey as the representative of the Philippines for Player Unknown Battle Grounds, an MMO First Person Shooting game to be hosted by OMEN by HP who previously did Overwatch World Cup tournaments with teams from around the world. The same thing is going to happen this month as teams from other countries converge in Bangkok, Thailand with 3 people that qualified also in the Philippines that would complete the 4 person team.

She has been playing for quite sometime but adore the mobile version, though she admits starting with the one on PC. There have been some adjustments because they are just not the same but she's been practicing quite a lot these days and hold up deafeating a lot of other gamers because she needs to get attuned with the PC version now that she's playing seriously too.

Myrtle already knows where her money is going too (if she wins) as she plans to spend it to treat her team out for lunch and dinner or perhaps a new gaming chair which she deems a good investment. She also is honored to represent the country in the international stage because this is the first time for any celebrity (in the country) to do so. The in game competition already got these guys filtered among thousands who joined the competition, she'll be seeing them tomorrow so they could get their startegy figured out, so for the meantime she's playing til the wee hours of the morning to play just for this. She hopes to bring honor and pride as she feels this privilege is something that isn't given to anyone.

Here's our interview with Myrtle this afternoon. Check out her gaming strategy and how she also tells us about her Halloween experience.

Now make sure you support Myrtle all the way to the finals! They stand to win 9,400 US dollars so this is something they should really be serious about. Good luck also to her team mates the Aether Dogz who will help Myrtle win this for the country. They will have to make sure they beat 20 other teams (about 100 people) and hope they don’t get in the way of these guys and gal, hope they get the crown!

Let’s play!

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