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Monday, October 15, 2018

Luxury Private Dining is much of an experience that everyone should get. I’ve been in quite a few but this one which happened a few nights ago was pretty special. It was amongst food blogging industry friends set at the Malayan Plaza Hotel’s 33rd Floor. The setting reminded me of an upscale atelier but without a designer this time. It was us, the Executives of the hotel, the Chef who was cooking a storm in the kitchen and a couple of servers who made sure we were comfortable while we dined.

The place is apt for private dining. The table was set for a little over 10 people, daisy art on the napkins, table runner ran from end to end with gold accents and trims, plus faux candle light here and there. It was pretty stiff and quiet on my side whilst it was a little crazy on the other, but we didn’t mind.

We all knew this 10 course dinner was going to be epic. 

The canapes arrived while we were stationed in the holding area, one had chopped eggs and mayo dressing, the other was more on the savory side with mushrooms. It was nice.

The appetizers comprised of the Quesillo Con Tomate, Chorizo Pamplona and Manchego, Adobar con Carne and Tuna Tartare - all served in one plate. Saying it’s a mouthful is an understatement. The Quesong Puti was the perfect pair for the fresh tomatoes, herbs and garlic. The chorizo felt quite good with the salty manchego and the ligjt drizzle of white truffle oil, it is so addicting to tell you honestly because me and truffle are like brothers, we are very good together LOL. The Adobar con Carne though wasn’t as soft as I wanted it to be, perhaps a little over done or might not have rested, but the flavor profile is there, it was a bit heavy that I’d consider it part of the main course. The Tuna Tartare was good though, very light and you could really feel a little kick (tad smoky) prolly because of the paprika, chili and wasabi they put on it.

This is the Almejas Mejillones con Escabeche. It's clams and mussels with croutons and a broth made of stock and wine, plus a few herbs. It is very light, but a perfect way to start the meal.

The Basil and Honey Mule was not too strong, just right to accompany the slew of strong flavors they introduced us with. They pair drinks with your dinner components so expect to be a little fun that usual if you get hit.

Some good things off the menu include this Talakitok con Misono which is Jackfish and Tuna sashimi with misono jus, their own fresh salsa and beet paste. I adore white fish with wine, this is more on the savory side. 

Their version of Callos was topped with mashed potatoes, my blogger friends and I was trying to find bits or maybe slices of chorizo but the chef did a spin on it and only included the flavor. It had tripe but almost none of the stench, so this is okay.

Love on a plate, this is their best dish that evening called Shitake Wagyu Bar. It's Wagyu beef grilled to medium doneness, infused with Shitake mushroom flavors, herbs and more. It was earthy and savory, felt deep because of the flavor profile they wanted to achieve means watching the cooking process like a hawk, the right temperature and all that drama. It was well worth the wait.

This is the Chef's Bourbon Plate. It's main ingredient was Dragon Fruit, chopped up with orange fruit, like, pear and bourbon cream. I guess they didn't flambe it anymore because the flavor profile they needed was already in the cream, it's a light dessert, not too sweet just as I like it.

For the sweet tooth, the Chef made this Arte De Remo. It's like an oaty revel bar made with cream cheese, oats and dessicated coconut. It was nutty and special which I guess came from crushed pistachios??? So if you love sugar, this would be the better choice. 

The Malayan Plaza has 4 function rooms available on the 32nd and 33rd floor of the building. It's a nice place to hold your banquets, cocktails, events and intimate dinners. If you would like to experience the same thing we had, go call +63 2 7060055 and ask for available slots on schedules. Things fill up immediately so if you're planning for that next birthday dinner, proposal, or just small family gatherings, give them a call okay?

Thank you Chef Aldrin, the GM Ernie Baclayon and thank you to everyone at the Malayan Plaza for re-introducing to us The Executive Lounge. I will be back for more to look for that Wagyu steak and the light desserts. 

Au revoir!

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